They may get swept but Cleveland is still playing championship quality ball, the main difference is…
A dumb man

Totally agree that Cleveland is playing very well right now. Kyrie and LeBron were both awesome.

The problem really is that the Warriors have a large margin for error, and the Cavs do not. LeBron was basically perfect in the first half, and they were still down at halftime. The Cavs turned on the nitro in the third quarter, but ran out of gas in the fourth. If LeBron could play at a high level for 48 minutes, then the Cavs would have a chance to steal one. Yikes.

If you look at the last four plays where LeBron had the ball it was: Pass out to a missed Korver 3, pass underneath the basket to Love for a missed layup, and two missed layups by LeBron. That’s LeBron not having the energy reserves to close out the game because he had already played 40+ minutes against the best basketball team in history.

Get ready for about 4 more years of this. I don’t see a world in which someone can put together a team that challenges the Warriors, so long as the big 4 are there. Klay and Draymond make it all work because they don’t need the ball in their hands to be effective, and unfortunately for the rest of the league, they’re unique, and they both are with Golden State. It’s interesting that you could more easily find replacements for Durant and Curry than you could for Thompson and Green.

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