My Thoughts on Travel & Japan

As I write this, I’m headed to my hotel in Narita. I’ve ridden the JR N’EX more times than I can remember. I figured this hour or so would be the best time to compose my thoughts on this trip. It’s strange really. I didn’t quite know what I would get out of this trip. I knew I needed to do it, but not the reasons I thought I did.

I needed to do this not to come to Japan, but to learn that I can do this on my own. That I can budget, save, plan, and execute a trip on my own and navigate a different culture. That I am able to do this by myself. This doesn’t mean I’ll always be along in my travels. Hell, I made new friends from the states, new friends in Japan, and new friends elsewhere in the world. Japan is an amazing country. The people are kind, the food is great, and the place is well worth a visit. It anyone is remotely interested in going to Japan and needs help making a budget, learning travel customs & expenses, or just simply wants to hear what I learned and use it for your own trip, feel free to contact me. I think all should go to this country at least once. Next stop is. back home and then planning for another trip somewhere else.

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