MozFest 2016….. Youth Zone…. Here I come!

Vincent Lee
Oct 25, 2016 · 2 min read
The Session’s test equipment

I’m going to need a lot of coffee! With what is now only 3 days till MozFest 2016 and I’m running around getting things finished. Hello, There! my name is Vincent and I’m one of the few that are running a session at MozFest this year. In my free time, I help out with the planning of the workshop at the NI Raspberry Jam, that is run by Andrew Mulholland as well as soon running the Raspberry Pi club in my school.

So the session I’ll be running with Sam Stuart as Youth Lead is using Raspberry Pis teaching kids how to used the GPIO with a PIR on a Pi and Raspberry Camera Module. I hope in this session Sam and I are running to teach kids (and parents) the basics of Python programming and some simple functions like While loops, and if statements. Then using their new found knowledge, have them write a piece of code to allow them to take a picture and then upload that image to the greatest social network ever, Twitter. All of that triggered when a PIR that is connected to the Raspberry Pi detects motion.

Now with 3 days to go, it’s all hands on deck make sure worksheets are finished, making slide shows and of course planning how the final workshop will be presented on the day. All of this with teachers throwing work at me left, right and centre just for going out early for one day. With this being my First MozFest, I have no idea what to expect, all I know is setup is going to be an arduous journey due to the amount of “stuffs” that needs to be put up.

So if you’re remotely interested in what my session has, make sure you come to the session “Automatic Twitter photo booth with the Raspberry Pi” at the Youth Zone if you’re at Mozfest.
Oh! and follow me on Twitter! @vlee888 and while you are at it make sure to go and follow the bot I made that will tweet all the sessions going on in the youth zone @MozbotYouth !

Vincent Lee

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