Ironic World

Fourth entry in second quarter

What an ironic world I live in. The world is full of happiness, but also full of sadness. Full of hope, but full of hopelessness. There is peace in some countries, but there is war in other countries. Humans want salvation, but they themselves create their own destruction. There are rich, but there are poor. There is starvation, but there is obesity. Everyone wants justice or truth, but everyone has lied.

But despite my thoughts about this world being ironic, I’m still thankful for having the chance to live in this world. Ironic right? But I guess it is just how things are. Maybe it is just “balance” or it is just the default setting of this world. Maybe it is caused by the conflicting or contradicting thoughts of different humans. But the question that left me hanging is that we want something, but we make the opposite of it. Why?

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