1st entry:S.Y. 2016–2017

“The Beginning is always the Hardest. So DO NOT GIVE UP, keep moving FORWARD.”

At the first week of being a Grade 9 student I was almost weary because of the stacked up assignments we were given almost everyday. Everyday I come home: I change my clothes then I go to my study table and do my homework until 9:pm. Sometimes I even skip my dinner with my family because I wanted to finish my homeworks as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of the second week of the second week of being a Grade 9 pupil, I tried to find a way to motivate myself to be able to handle the pressure of having so many assignments until I found the quote written above: “The Beginning is always the Hardest. So DO NOT GIVE UP, keep moving FORWARD.” This quote changed my way of thinking how to deal with these assignments.

Monday afternoon, as I got home, I tried to ask my working sister to help me understand a Math lesson I’m having a hard time at. After 30 minutes while she was teaching me, the lights went out and our computers shut downed. After that, I realized that it just brownout and it was dark so I have a hard time doing my Math homework. a few moments after that, I suddenly remembered all of the homeworks I have to do that day and was worried, when was the electricity going to turn back on.

I waited, waited, and waited and still waited, until I realized that waiting around is not going to help me. So I used a phone’s light(even though it is bad for the eyes) to let me finish my assignments. even though I am having a hard time holding the light in my left and and holding my pen in the right hand, I still managed to finish my homeworks and able to pass it the next day.

The days after that, of course, with the help of God I am able to pass these homeworks without worrying much about them even though I finish doing them late at night. These kind of days does not affect me anymore because I thought to myself that doing my homework gives me more information about our lessons. And incase I don’t understand these homeworks, I have a family that can teach me.

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