The Hardest Question I’ve Tried to Answer — What Makes Me Happy?
Silvia Li Sam

Life is a long path. It is quite recently that I tried to make a difference between “coping with responsabilities and events” and “choosing to be happy”. Sometimes it means to say no to things that could be nice but you can’t handle correctly. Sometimes it means stop doing stuff just because you feel significant people in your life want you to. I still don’t really know for sure what makes me happy, but I now feel more and more connected to my innerself, and I’m also rediscovering the beauty of things that happen only because you trust your instincts again. My instincts were dead not so long ago, and I’m really happy to interact with them again, and more often than the opposite, they put me in great situations and give me more self-satisfaction. The feeling you were talking about. The feeling to know that you are in the right place right now.