I was on a date with a girl and told her …

Well I told her:

“My ambition in life is to make people feel the way Fall Out Boy makes me feel”

She did NOT like it 😂😂😂

I wonder why I tell girls they’re my favorite band on dates- I guess if they still like me despite that perceived crime against culture, they must be into me.

Last night someone I met on the internet Angie Federico sent me a random screamo crunk band video to watch and we spent an hour sending each other and laughing at emo videos from that golden era in the 2000's.

Look beyond whether you enjoyed the music/fashion, and what was there was this incredible community of young people merging over shared interests and expressing their identities in these outlandish ways (and yes, a big influence on the way I dress/look now).

It was the last wave of youth subculture.

In the 80’s we had punk, new wave, rap, and House

In the 90’s we had rave, R n’ B, Grunge, and Britpop

In the 2000’s we had UK garage, then Indie, then emo

What all of the above had in common:

- Recording artists on major labels (who now can’t invest in scenes, just safe bets)

- A style of dress so you could see someone walking down the street and think “they’re an emo” “They’re a grunger” etc etc

- These scenes would give teenagers a sense of identity

Emo was the last trend. (pic below is me with My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way — #1 thing people don’t know about me was how I was a music journalist for years before Planet Ivy)


Dubstep followed emo, which, while it had amazing music, was the first worldwide trend with no dress code, and barring the half-baked hipster movement at the turn of the decade (“ The Drums” were the last great indie band IMHO), there’s been nothing since.

In the past seven years, we’ve had EDM and nothing else in seven years in terms of global fashion/music trends, as INTERNET took over everything

There’s Reddit culture, Tumblr culture, Instagram models, Facebook 6-figure entrepreneurs, but your identity exists in this ephemeral online space

(And I’m saying this as someone who reaps the benefits of being internet famous every day, from free rent to all the clients I can eat to dates to invites to parties and everything inbetween)

Reason I’m writing this?

Last night’s past-midnight emo nostalgia binge happened at the exact same time I had an idea for my next business.

Community is what I want to build.

I’ve been doing it with my group Traffic And Copy and it’s been amazing.

Entertainment is amazing but if it’s just escapism you’re not necessarily making the world a better place

I’ve somehow fallen into helping a lot of people as I find my way.

I screengrab all of the thank you notes I get from people, I have pages and pages full since I started saving them.

The internet has made us a more connected world, and it’s up to us to use it to pull each other up.

That’s all I have to say so I’m gonna end with segwaying in as many emo bands as I can into this last paragraph, spot them all:

There’s a phrase I like “Sic transit gloria”

It’s a Latin phrase that means “Thus passes the glory of the world.” It has been interpreted as “Worldly things are fleeting.”

When I was close to going broke I made damn sure I’d be going down swinging by working ’til nine in the afternoon, and now I’ve blown up through the taste of ink on these computer screens, I want to help as many people as possible.

And for everyone who thinks I work too hard and need a break?

I’m ok, I promise ;)

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