To be clear, I did not say that people aren’t allowed to hate Hillary.
Jennifer Hoelzer

hate implies enmity? what does “it’s not okay to hate Hillary Clinton” imply… it implies that it’s okay to hate other candidates, it implies that the equally biased sources you use to imply that she is without reproach are better than the biased sources people use to show that she isn't, it implies that your opinion, is better than others, which also, does not lead to rational debate. condescension, arrogance, and self righteousness, do not make you better than those that choose to hate. Hate, in my opinion is a waste of energy. because hate fixes nothing. But telling someone, who chooses to hate, that you think less of them for it, is just a slightly more subtle version of the same thing. Demanding that people put aside their beliefs to adhere to what YOU feel is a fair conversation, and berating people that don’t. only makes you part of the problem. not a solution.

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