There is something extraordinary happening in the world
Gustavo Tanaka

It’s the shift in consciousness that the end of the Mayan astrological calendar predicted for 2012, as opposed to the end of the world that many preferred to interpret it as. Our solar system has moved into new space in the galaxy and everything is changing. A new kind radiation is penetrating the heliosphere and affecting the magnetic grid of earth which is connected, by physics, to the consciousness of human beings. This is the grandest change humanity has ever embarked upon. It marks the second phase in the evolution of mankind. People are becoming more connected, more compassionate and more spiritual and finding new ways to act as one. It’s just the beginning but, just look at the younger people of today as proof they are not tolerating the old energy of disconnectedness, bigotry, hatred and war. Their children will be even less tolerant of the old ways of the dog eat dog survival mode of the past. Welcome to the new energy of the planet!