10 instagram tips you should use right now

Sep 7, 2016 · 5 min read

Instagram is one of my favourite channels, and I’m not alone. It’s by far one of the most popular channels today. With its recent upgrade to add stories it’s going to get even bigger. So I thought I would put together 10 Instagram tips you should be using right now.

1.) Use loads of hashtags


I shudder when I say this as this veers into spam territory. Thing is, you need to get your posts into conversations related to your subject. So do the work, look for more hashtag connotations, find niche ones as well. Slap them on your post.

Get involved in the popular conversations. For each post, use a group of current, topically relevant hashtags such as #Fashion for a fashion image or #scuba for some dive images. Kind of stating the obvious here, but take advantage of those broader topics. Plus add on more niche / long tail connotations. For example #Scubredsea, #scubaphoto and more.

Also, take part in trending and massively popular hashtags wherever you can. These hashtags like #dogsofinstagram #instagood, #tbt, #foodporn or even something as common as #holiday will put you in front of more people in general. Targeting both niche and brand hashtags will help you get some cut-through on the channel.

2.) Hide the hashtags

Add a few of your hashtags to your actual post, but then comment on your post with a load more. Overtime, when you get comments they will push your post out the way. Meaning you would have tagged the image with loads of tags, but it doesn’t look too spammy.
3. ) Use your bio

Its the only place at this point you can link to your website, however change it up. Link to your Youtube channel, your twitter account. Don’t just keep it as one link that never changes. Even better, if you’ve written a really good blog post, link directly to it from here.

4.) Turn on notifications

Turn on notifications for your favourite Instagrammers, especially those that are within your industry. That way, overtime you post its a chance to engage with them. Put the effort in here and over time you could regularly talk. Thats the start of a powerful relationship and more awareness for your channel.

To do this, click on the account of your favourite Instagrammer, click those three little dots in the top right corner. Click ‘Turn on notifications’ Now overtime they post you will be notified. (make sure you have your instagram notifications turned on on your phone too)

5.) Check out posts you’ve liked

instagram likes
instagram likes

When choosing your favourite instagrammer, you can go back and look at the various posts you have liked. To do this, go to options, the little gear icon, click ‘Posts that you’ve liked’. Now you will see a grid of every post you’ve engaged with. This is a quick way to remind yourself of who’s content you usually like. Helpful when sorting who you want to be notified by

6.) Look at what the people you follow like

A great way to find more interesting accounts to follow is to look at the Instagrammers you follow and what they are liking. Click on the heart icon then click ‘following’ this shows you all the likes from the accounts you follow.

7.) Reorder filters, remove the ones you don’t use

Do people still use Instagram filters? ;-)

You may have a couple favourite filters that you occasionally use, but also don’t bother with a majority of them. All you have to do is the following. Next time you are posting an image, when you get to the ‘add filter’ step, scroll all the way across to the ‘manage’ button, click that and you can turn off any of the filters you don’t need.

8.) Add a line break to your bio and captions

This is for the more pedantic amongst you. When typing your bio or commenting, and you want to add a line break. Just click the ‘123’ key on your keyboard and the return key will appear. Simple! Nice neat paragraphs.

9.) Control tagged photos of you

I’m a big fan of authorising pictures I’m tagged in on Facebook. (sometimes I don’t look as handsome as usual). You can set this control and hide tagged photos in Instagram too. Click the person icon, then the tag icon (its the last one on the menu). Once the next page loads, click the three dots in the top corner. Here you can select which tagged photos to hide — bearing mind this does not delete them from Instagram but rather hides them from your profile. By clicking ‘Tagging options’ you can decide if you want photos of you added manually or automatically.

10.) Collaborate and engage with similar sized accounts.

Influencer outreach is a great way to go grow your account. However, like most channels, if you are at 500 followers and are approaching someone with 100,ooo the collaboration is only going to be beneficial to you. Plus, high follower accounts are approached everyday by other users and brands. Seek out similar channels that have a close amount of follower numbers like your channel. That way, the collaboration is mutually beneficial. As you grow you can move to larger accounts.

Bonus tip : Upgrade to a business account

Upgrading your profile to a business account will give you loads of new features for your channel. Including analytics, in app promotions and contact info. Check out this blog post for more info in that : Why you should switch to an Instagram business profile

There you go, 10 tips you should be using on your Instagram account. Let us know below if you have any more.


Originally published at vhdigital.co.uk.

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