14 Powerful channels you need to distribute your content on

Aug 9, 2017 · 9 min read
  • 14 Powerful channels you need to distribute your content on
  • Find relevant channels on Reddit, HackerNews and forums
  • Dynamic email signatures
  • Auto posting to other blog channels and more

Did you know there are another 14 channels and methods to distribute your content?

Once you’ve created a video, blog post, infographic or another form of content you usually go and create a Facebook post, a Tweet, a post on Linkedin and possibly an image for Instagram. Most people stop there.

Granted you’ll get a couple of hits or views, and if you have incorporated some outreach and promoted activity, you’ll get some traction on your new shiny piece of content. However there are a few others that we suggest you look into. Granted, they may not be as big as the big players, but they do have some good numbers. We’ve been using the below methods and channels for a while now and they have all played a part in getting the views or traffic we aim for.

There are many more things you could do with your content Click To Tweet

We use the below list on everything we do alongside our usual distribution channels, and it’s given all our content that extra level of reach and exposure

Here we go:


If you have a self hosted blog, add a plugin to auto promote to Medium Click To Tweet

We’ll start with a potent channel yet strangely forgotten by those that host their blog elsewhere. It works for video too.

One of the things I make sure I use, in the interest of time is an auto cross promoter for my blog posts. In other words, once I click publish in word press my blog is auto posted over to Medium. I then head over there and make sure it’s tagged correctly. (The handy thing here is that both your blog and Medium channel link to one another automatically.) You can get a plugin from medium for your WordPress blog here

Do it with video too, once you have gone live, create a new post on Medium, write up a brief description then embed your video.

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Slack has thousands of communities you can share your content with Click To Tweet

I love Slack; it practically runs my business. I also use it to network, find resources, inspiration and answers to questions. You can join groups that are relevant to you or your topic and then, dependent on channel rules, post a link to your content there. Posting into channels that contain your peers will also help with great feedback.

Need to find relevant slack groups, head over here or here.

Facebook video

There are two ways I use this.

The first is due to the power of short form content, especially in feeds, I create teasers for the main long-form video. This could be a trailer-like clip or just me talking to the camera and letting my followers know about it. Not just long form video either, maybe you’ve created a fantastic infographic and wanted to let people know. Upload a couple screenshots or screen cast yourself scrolling through the infographic and mention some highlights.

Not just long form video either, maybe you’ve created a fantastic infographic and wanted to let people know. Upload a couple screenshots or screen cast yourself scrolling through the infographic and mention some highlights.

Want to find software to screencast? We use this: ScreenFlow, which may be a bit pricey. Adobe has thier own version here

(iOS 11 will have screen recording too for your phone — handy that!)

If optimised correctly your video will not only show up in news feeds but will appear in front of applicable users scrolling through videos on Facebook.


Submit your completed content to StumbleUpon everytime Click To Tweet

Once you have gone live with your content, submit the page it is on to StumbleUpon. You do this by just clicking the ‘thumbs up’ icon in the

You do this by just clicking the ‘thumbs up’ icon in the StumbleUpon tool bar, and it will prompt you for details on how to categorise the content. Turn on your real-time analytics in Google Analytics, and you will instantly see hits.

Be careful here; this can affect your bounce rate if users aren’t pulled in. Make sure you are grabbing their attention from the get go, also make sure you are submitting to ‘interests’ as closely as related as possible.

To get the StumbleUpon tool bar go to your browsers extensions area and searh for it, then install and you are good to go. Load your content you want to submit and then click the thumbs up.

If you are new to StumbleUpon, be careful. That shit’s had me up all night clicking buttons. ;-)


I was always a bit reluctant to post to Reddit; they can be quite vicious in there if you are slightly spammy or salesy.

What I’ve found these days is if you submit a post with links to your blog or video and add something along the lines of ‘need your feedback’ or ‘what do you think’ and it’s in a relevant channel — the community there can be very helpful. Plus the traffic from here is insane. We built an app once for the vaping community. 90% of downloads came from Reddit, and some incredible support and feedback.

Bonus tip: If you haven’t already, get on Reddit now and subscribe to subreddits relative to you or your topic and start posting. Some users will look at the age of your account and assume you are some marketing wanker that quickly created an account to spam them. Create some history.

Reddit has it’s own search engine, however, I find my self using Google. If you want to go that route to find applicable content or subreddits to contribute to, type this in your search bar:

Site:Reddit.com [add your phrase or keyword here]

Hacker News

The same goes for this channel. Although I tend to save my ‘epic’ posts for this group. They are very strict on spam or anything that may ruin the quality of content. It’s a great channel though. Submit what you need and explain what you are trying to do. ‘Hi everyone just posted a new video on how to edit videos on your phone, wondered if you could take a look and let me know what you think.’

Again, just like Reddit — if you want to search HackerNews using Google :

Site:news.ycombinator.com [add your phrase or keyword here]


Not only is Quora a great place to find content inspiration in your industry by finding questions to answer it’s fantastic at finding opportunities for your new or existing content.

Even if you don’t have new content right now, choose one of your posts, search Quora for questions related to it, then post answers with a brief explanation and then, ‘I wrote a blog about this on my site’. That just helps you avoid putting links up and looking spammy.

Bonus tip: HackerNews, Reddit and Quora are great channels to find questions to answer. This helps you with authority and trust. Allowing your next posts to gain even more traction. Keep returning to them all and contribute.

Makes sure you have history on Reddit or HackerNews before posting your content Click To Tweet


When we’ve run buzz monitoring for clients, forums always come up.

You need to be careful as in most cases the communitties are very protective of thier group and what gets posted.

However, you may come across a couple of niche communities where you can share your content. The only problem here is, like Reddit and Hacker news above, you need to be established. In most cases, forums will have some filter that only allows you to post links after a certain amount of posts, or in some cases no links at all.

If they don’t allow links, make sure your site is connected to your profile or appears in your signature and then provide quality posts. Some users may check out your site based on how active and helpful you are. Also, a good thing to get friendly with the admins.

Over time you may become subscribed to many forums, we use Tapatalk to keep track. Get it here

Dynamic email signatures

Automate your email signatures to pull in your latest post Click To Tweet

One of the first tips you usually find when growing a channel or getting traffic to your content is to mention it in your email signature. We couldn’t agree more, the thing is, you sometimes forget to change the email link, and in all honesty, it becomes a bit of a pain in the arse to change every single time.

That’s where dynamic email signatures come into play. In a couple of clicks, you can create a piece of code that goes where your email signature sits, and then auto pulls the headline of your latest post.

We use this one: WiseStamp

Blog comments

Blog comments are great not only for getting content out there but also with link building for your SEO; you can voice an opinion on users posts and drive traffic to your content. Again, as mentioned in the above channels, don’t just post a link. Create a good comment, one that states whether you agree or disagree, or shows your authority on the subject and then share your link.

Facebook groups

Just like forums, these channels have rules. In most cases, it might not allow links, or you have to have your post approved. A good practice is to run it past the admins first. Tell them what your content is about and that you would love to post it on their wall. Obviously, if it is a competitor, this is not going to happen.

At risk of repeating myself, make sure you have a history in the group, and even better if you have already taken part in discussions and users know you. That way you aren’t some person that just signed up to drive traffic and spam the members.

The popular groups are considered highly valuable, so if you are contributing valuable content and taking part, your content should fit in seamlessly and be allowed. Plus, write a long post, talking about your content, then mention your link or video.

Linkedin groups

Linkedin groups are great, especially if you are established in them. One of the things we do here is to create another shorter blog on Linkedin’s article section. In there we have a short write up about our new piece of content, then link to the bigger piece.

Now the reason we do this is that you can then share it to all the groups you are a member of by unticking ‘public’ when sharing and selecting all the groups you want place your link. (you can see the full description of this in the eBook below)

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Instagram / Snapchat stories

Always, always create a SnapChat / Instagram story around your content. Just speak to the camera and tell your followers about whats you’ve just gone live with, or past content. On Instagram make sure you hashtag it for relevant chats, and tag your location too — this tends to help get you into collected stories and gets, even more, views (although may not be a relevant audience)

Check out Apps to make your Instagram Stories even better


This post is going to be a SlideShare deck. List posts are perfect for this. Each point becomes a slide. Although, it’s not only for list posts, summarise your blog post into 5–10 slide, or take screen grabs from your video.

Slideshare is fantastic at traffic and awareness. This post here has generated me over 200 retweets and a reach over 1.5 million.

[slideshare id=72982572&doc=techoffdmxmarch2017–170309112532]

Make sure you add links, your brand, and any other information to let users know about you on one of the slides. People will embed this in their content and that way you have more exposure on their channels. Always create a slide share around your content, 60 million people are waiting for you.

Create a slide share around your content, 60 million people are waiting for you. Click To Tweet

You’ve probably noticed a lot of the above channels need you to have some form of history there, even if you aren’t ready to broadcast a new piece of content, go and register on them now. Take part in discussions. Establish yourself so that when the time comes to promote, you are known and have more chance of getting your posts/videos out there, shared, engaged and seen.

Can you think of any others we should add? Add them in the comments below.

Originally published at vhdigital.co.uk.

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