Apps to make your Instagram Stories even better

Jul 14, 2017 · 6 min read
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Need some apps to make your Instagram stories even better?

I love Instagram stories, I like the fact you can post as much as you want without clogging up someone’s newsfeed or irritating users. The thing is, have you ever noticed those professional looking stories from brands or accounts you follow. Do you ever think how did they make it look so cool?

Well, wonder no more. Below is a list of the tools we use to make our stories look better, have animations and just be more interesting. Granted, you don’t have to enhance every single thing you post, but these will help you quickly put together some good looking stories.

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Create seamless video with Storeo.

How often do you find you are being cut off in a story while recording, or catch yourself looking away from the camera to see ‘time left’? In some cases, you probably have to refilm the entire clip, plus your chat to the camera probably looks a bit choppy and isn’t flowing from once clip to the next.

Check out Storeo — You record your entire talk, presentation, chat or whatever it is you are planning to share. Once complete it automatically slices your clip up in 15-second slices. You then head over to Instagram and add them in the order needed (first on on the left of the camera roll)

This is really handy to use for those longer stories and helps you keep your flow with no pressure.

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Get it here — there’s a cost to remove the watermark

Easily add text to your own photographs or free stock images with Over

I’ve mentioned Over before as I use it religiously for many posts on Instagram feeds, but have now started incorporating it into stories as well. Bear in mind as of writing this tool does not provide animations. You could use it as a start image for the longer story you’ve just created with Storeo.

Over provides stock imagery, great fonts and ease of use. I especially like the fonts suggested on the app as they always look good against whatever background you use.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Super fast animated videos with Flyr

I’ve just started using Flyr — built specifically for both Instagram and SnapChat stories, it has one size specific to the story post. The cool thing is that it quickly animates everything. You can add looping gifs to backgrounds and animate how the text comes in. There’s even a button to ‘remix’ so you can let the app do the design work for you. Plus a great search engine for any gifs or videos you want to add. My only hangup, the interface is a little confusing. Still, it’s a great app to create eye-catching stories quickly.

Slick looking animations with Adobe spark

I love Adobe Spark. Easy, professional, powerful animation/slide show creation for stories. In minutes you can add photos and text and then apply themes and animations. Plus save the designs to duplicate later to stay on brand. Say for instance you have a title card with your company or brand name. All you need to do is make a duplicate and change a tagline or story title. Check out the below examples

Canva does it again

What would a list of social media asset creating be without Canva on it? Canva covers all my content, from blog featured images, social posts and ebook covers. The reason I use Canva as well as Adobe Spark is for Canva’s pre-built templates. Sometimes I don’t have time to work out a fresh design and build it. I just head over to Canva, click ‘your story’, select a template from their vault of layouts, edit, post. Job done.

canva 1
canva 1
canvas 2
canvas 2
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Add Music and voiceovers with InShots

It’s quite easy to add music to your Instagram stories when filming. However, sometimes you may think of the perfect track or sound effect you could add afterwards. Inshots does just that, besides being a great little video editor it has a feature that allows you to add music or sound effects. You can even use your own playlist, although it does add copyright to some tracks and not enable you to use them. The app has a powerful editor where you can insert the particular part of the sound effect or track you want. It comes with its own featured tracks too.

Use it to get rid of unwanted noise (rather than a silent clip as well) or add a voiceover.

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Control all your Story campaigns with StoryHeap.

This is the more expensive tool but is a very powerful console for setting up, executing and measuring your Instagram stories.
We are relatively new to StoryHeap so far and have been testing it to use on brand campaigns. What it will allow you to do is plan ahead for stories and not have to make sure it all goes out in one go.

The dashboard is straightforward to use and quick to set your stories up. Next time you are on site for a campaign or a photo shoot or want to collect a load of clips to go out later (after approval for instance), Storyheap will help you plan the activity better. Plus with all the metrics you can start to see whats working and whats not.

Instagram stories
Instagram stories

Use SnapChat as an editing tool for Bitmojis (for now)

Another final trick is to use Bitmoji on your Instagram stories. At the time of writing this post, you cannot add your bitmojis to Instagram stories. That’s where SnapChat comes in. All you need to do is create your story as you normally would in SnapChat, add your bitmojis, but then don’t publish it. Rather save it to your camera roll. Then head back into Instagram and add it there. Right now I still have SnapChat on my phone just for this. Hopefully, Instagram will allow bitmojis integration soon.

That’s a number of the tools we are using right now to give that extra bit of enhancement to our Instagram stories. If you know of any more or want to suggest anything else, use the comments below.

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