The most shared content marketing posts of 2016

In order to keep up to date on content marketing strategies and happenings I have to consume loads or er… content. From blogs, to videos, to infographics, to books. anywhere I can get it. So in order to wrap up the year I thought I would run a search using most shared via twitter and give you a list of The most shared content marketing posts of 2016. Lets have a look :

1.) How to Effectively Sell Using Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Effectively Sell Using Social Media and Content Marketing

A video post with with Razor Social CEO and founder Ian Cleary to discussing social media and content marketing. Cleary has come up with a formula to help other marketers increase their site’s traffic, he calls it “PRISM.”

See it here

2.) Content Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Profs compiled a great infographic on the Content Marketing trends of 2016. Will be interesting to see if these are carried over into 2017. Standouts were the growth of influencer marketing and the rise of the Gif

See the full infographic here

3.) Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing

Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing

Another infographic from the team at Social Times. With some reports suggesting video will account for 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019 this infographic breaks down the plans and processes involved in making sure you get you video plans in order. This past year the majority of my clients were purely video, you then layer over the broadcast element to make sure it gets the views or engagement needed, be it snapchat promos, paid media or your other channels.

Full post here

check out two other posts from vhdigital : 21 ways to get more content from one video and my Youtube upload process

4.) 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling Your Content Marketing

I love the posts from the team at Hubspot, this one in particular is handy. As much as there are so many articles telling you to embrace content marketing, it can veer into a scenario of just blitzing low quality posts that do nothing for you other than tick a box. This is a waste of time and effort and won’t show you the true power of getting it right.

Check it out here

5.) Why Your Sales Team Should Invest More Time on Content Marketing

Why Your Sales Team Should Invest More Time on Content Marketing

One of the big obstacles I faced with my clients this year was getting the sales team buy in. Its easy to sell in metrics like reach and engagement to a brand team, but what does that mean to sales? How does reach effect ROI? What will engagement to to their targets? This infographic, from the team at Social Media Today, gives a great breakdown of the role content marketing plays in achieving those sales goals/

Full infographic here

6.) Content Marketing A to Z: 40 Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Mastering Content Creation and Promotion

For beginners and seasoned content marketers, another infographic from Hubspot. An amazing list of tips and tricks to apply to your content marketing efforts.

Get them all right here

7.) The History of Content Marketing

The History of Content Marketing

What would a blog post about content marketing be without a mention of CMI and a post written by the content marketing king himself By Joe Pulizzi. This is a fascinating look at how content marketing has always been around and how it has evolved, and is probably not going to stop

Full infographic here

8.) The Decentralized Content Marketing Playbook

Looks like Hubspot is kicking ass for most shared, this is yet another great infographic from the site. In short, it covers the universe of your content marketing. Its not just some blog post, its all your channels and media types. Each one plays a part.

Take a look here

9.) Automating Our Content Marketing: What We’ve Learned so Far

A very interesting guest post from David Mytton, Founder and CEO of Server Density for the Distilled blog, Whats great about this is its from a brands point of view and how they implemented automation for their content marketing efforts. David goes on to explain the good and the bad, again explaining how bad content does not work. Quality over quantity!

Check out his post here

10.) Getting Customers to Know, Like and Trust You Using a Content Marketing Funnel

Getting Customers to Know, Like and Trust You Using a Content Marketing Funnel

I’m obsessed with marketing funnels, rolling out a few this year for this site, they are some of the most powerful forms of marketing. Incorporate that with amazing content and you’re onto a winner. the team at posted this video explaining how you can use a funnel strategy to organize your content while still retaining authenticity.

Video is here

So there you have it, the most shared posts on Content Marketing from 2016. Each one a different look and approach, hopefully with the tips and tricks you gain from these you go into 2017 with a new arsenal helping you achieve your content marketing goals. Let me know of any other great posts you’ve come across in the comments below. Have a great new year!

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