Andela Bootcamp — Day 1 …eh 😅

So, yesterday was my first day in the Andela bootcamp, and IT. WAS. FIRE. Now, fire is both good and bad. I’ll tell you about how I lit the fire, put my hand in it then cooked some good from from it after I learned my lesson the hard way.

Lighting the fire. The bootcamp is a challenging experience in itself, it requires a mind that learns on the fly, learns fast and a character that isn’t comfortable leaving others behind. I thought I was an on-the-fly learner myself. NAH. Nothing could have prepared me for this. To get around this, I’d recommend learning something new everyday, it could be anything. But learn something.

Putting my hand in the fire. Now, my biggest mistake going into day 1 was underestimating the work that was ahead. A friend of mine asked if I would have time to help him during the bootcamp and my answer was an arrogant “Hell yes, son. I mean, how hard can it be?”. I paraphrased that to make it sound worse, but you get the idea. DO NOT underestimate this camp, one that joins with 5 years experience and one who comes with 3 hours pseudo code experience is absolutely the same.

The cooking after the burn. I had to learn and I had to learn fast that things weren’t going to be easy. This morning (Day 2) I woke up early, set up the needed tools for the day and I’ve made amazing progress so far. Wash that attitude and come new if you get the chance to attend the bootcamp.

Your attitude determines your altitude.