I’ll start off with memories and thoughts, until I gain confidence enough to feel as if I have anything going for me opinion wise.

This morning I woke up to the delicious smells of Pantene (or some such. Whatever, it smells fantastic) and the warmth of a sleeping angel in my arms. The sunlight through the windows creating just enough heat to be comfortable and blazing off of her Auburn hair. Just the way to start the morning.

Two hours before her training for work. But I don’t want to move and ruin the scenery. A perfect moment.

My youngest dog Courage, makes sure the moment doesn’t last very long and pounces atop the bed to share his worm laden rectum. Moment ruined and a reminder of the vet appointment I need to make.

She stirs, awakening. Not quite the smile I’m usually greeted with, but she’s still so beautiful to me. I’m informed that our gorgeous blue eyed little bastard dog had been at it, trying to get on the bed all night. I never know, I sleep far too heavily.

I give the gorgeous Mrs. Sass a kiss and throw on pants to take the boys out.

Courage takes advantage of my morning sluggishness and lack of will to leave her, to urinate on the carpet. I promptly scoop him up and take him downstairs to my oldest dog Roy.

Roy released. Both of them outside. Time for coffee.

Trying to shrug off my better half’s wave of Sassitude (which I’m 9 times out of 10 guilty but in worse vile viscosity) I pour myself a cup, put on some Gorillaz and Queens of the Stone Age, then stare out the window to watch the boys at play.

The aroma of Folgers and my favorite lead Singer caressing my ear drums while my dogs are at play. The Mrs. is asleep & happy (I assume) and all is right with the world. These are the moments I live for. Balance.

She enters the room, pours a cup, and gives me the eyes that says “Fuck everything.” So oddly attractive. What once would send me in a(n) “Is there anything I can do for you honey" whimper, only turns carnal in nature. She scares me like that.

Unexpected. I love her for it.

Dogs back inside. Roy kenneled. Mr. & Mrs. Sass coffied. Time for her training.

That’s practically the end of my day, I’ve been at work since. I work on call taking care of the mentally disabled. Its the last I’ll see her for the next 13–14hrs. The time drags and the coworkers all suck. The exception or two being a rare pleasure to work with. They do their jobs.

The morning haunts me. Maybe her eyes. I don’t know. I know I long to be near her and watch my boys at play with a cup of coffee. No idea what to do or what it is for my answer. So I decide to write every thought that traces through my mind on this new site I learned about this morning.

Open the MEDIUM app and start a blank.

I’ll start off with memories and thoughts, until I gain confidence enough to feel as if I have anything going for me opinion wise…

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