So it’s been a minute since my last post/change of pace…

Its now the first day if spring. Our third week in our little abode, the Mrs. and I. (I like to call it the Batcave) Its a crisp 30°F and flakes are pissing me off from the sky. So where to begin…

It’s an ugly kinda cute, but it’s ours, and it brings the best smile to her face. For the next week I unpack while she works and the dogs and I adjust. No furniture yet, but its full of everything I can want for. My boys, Mrs. Sass, coffee, & peanut butter.

Mornings are blinding as the only upstairs room has windows facing the East. But it highlights her beauty and the simplicity of the bedroom well. Simplicity

We have the block to ourselves, and us being hermits, it’s a very pleasant thing. Its all fenced off so they boys can have some run room. Paradice

Week one…

We were taking the dogs into the backyard. Its was nice and warm and a man was walking with his daughter. He stops and says hello. He used to live in the Batcave. So the small leaks and “character” we’re his fault. Dislike

We look into the houses history and find it’s a few hundred years old and also the previous owner was a pedophile. Great our kiddy cubby was actually a kiddy cubby. Also not sure the little girl was his daughter now. Mortified.

Its been a hectic week and I’ve been called into work a lot. The stove hasn’t been brought, the dresser won’t fit in my Neon, and the chair is stuck elsewhere because the people bailed on us. I receive a call that Roy had broken a window pawing at it while Mrs. Sass took Courage out. End day two.

Week two…

We finally have her bookshelf and more of her effects. We cuddle and rummage through her memories and she’s starting to feel home. Comfortable.

My mom made some food and brought it over for a housewarming. Roy still to big for her, but she takes kindly to Courage. He is now titled “Little Stumpy". She seems genuinely pleased. Accomplished.

Its a Wednesday and Mrs. Sass' birthday is soon. She’s having a glum day. I take her out to try to make her happy. Fuck work. First stop is an antique shop, but I decide we need to get away from town, getting away from home isn’t enough. So instead we hit an even larger antique shop. We meet the mannequins Philippe and Juan.

After our goofing around I buy her a present and we go to her favorite coffee place, accompanied extended back road long ride home with music and no cares. Blessed.

Week three…(present)

Been a good week for the paranormal. Animal noises in empty rooms, big enough to sound like Courage. Woken up with small scratches. Fire alarms randomly going off and silverware rustling.

Today after a long nights shift and Mrs. Sass' second double shift overnighter we wake up to a panicking bird in the room. I toss him out and we oversleep our alarms almost making her late for work. I’m personally working an overnight, now. Wondering what kind of people would enjoy peoples day to day loggings, but as I work this shift I’m reminded there are bored and nosy/interested people out there. So now that everything is caught up, hopefully I can get to it more often. Tomorrow should be good.


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