So it’s been a while dear readers…

Where to begin?…

So far since my last post my close friend had become an expecting father, the house finally got some well needed tlc, my car has gone to shit and been brought back from the edge, and we have a new lil heathenistic miscreant: Sophie.

(From left to right: Roy, Sophie, & Courage)

My mornings now consist of waking up next to the most perfectly flawed woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, let alone being with. Coffee in the morning and watching our minions play outback continue to be heartwarming. When we actually have time and work isn’t overzealously taking advantage of our work ethics, we’re the most awkwardly cute things in the neighborhood. Proud and complete. Home.

She continually surprises me with what happiness truly is.

Our friend Roommate and his woman are close to having their second. He’s stressed but happy. Their baby shower was the first I’d ever been to. Not so bad, kinda like a pre birthday party.

(We make a decent pair of chuckleheads.)

Work finally calmed down and found some (hopefully) responsible people to fill the positions that were driving me to the brink of self unemployment. There’s been more time to do things and think.

Life is amazing when you take a step back and watch the evolution of your life and where it may go, dear reader(s). Sometimes it just takes enormous amounts of stress and rigorous extents of constant moving for you to finally realize that. So if you’re reading this, here’s all I ask. Tell me five things you’re most grateful for. Then go out and enjoy life. Expand. Live. Spread the appreciation you want to see in your life and who knows, maybe you’ll be finding the little things in life to be bigger than they were just this morning.

Peace out dearest reader(s).

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