Woke Up...

The roommate threw my 70lbs dog Roy into my room, hyped up and ready to play and chew on anything that exists. Agitated.

Just left a shitty predicament and he was gracious enough to shelter me until taxes. Appreciative, yet still agitated.

Angry, hungry, and sunlight blaring through the windows into my photosensitive eyes. I can’t even focus on appreciating the beauty that was sleeping on my chest. I’ll need migraine pills later.

Downstairs, Frosted Shredded Wheat & coffee are calling my name. All the bowls are dirty. Of course.

Pour coffee, get music on my phone playi… Run upstairs to get phone for music. Evil eye the roommate en route to phone. Mrs. Sass is out cold on the bed with all her grace thrown aside. Adoration.

Get music playing. Cold Play, not so bad. Fuming as I decend the stairs, the roommate is taking care of the dishes. Spiteful.

I turn my volume up over his and make my blessed bowl of Wheaties, to announce my annoyance and engage in this pissing contest. Childish.

Bowl finished with a glare of Sassfullness, coffee drained, it’s time to wake up the Mrs. with hopefully a better way than said roommate.

Smother her with kisses. Finally a smile I can enjoy. Skip the sex, this isn’t a porn.

Flash to downstairs. Its approximately 60°F out already. Watching the boys in the backyard. Drinking my coffee. Blood seeping through the back of my shirt. Going to be a good day.

Mrs. Sass enters the kitchen for our caffination ritual. Unintentional elegance.

At the store for a silencer for Mr. Roy’s overly used yapper. I spoil her while I’m there some. She doesn’t see it, but there’s a dance to her steps. Beautiful.

Peanut butter banana shakes on our way home. Enjoyable. I can’t wait for our own place.

Fin. Until more happens…