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I’m not going to waste your time with big words and theories about leadership. Instead, I would like you to meet someone whose testimony alone was worth dozens of tasteless articles on the topic.

Like many good stories, it started with a very unexpected encounter. Not so long ago I started to look for managers and team leaders to listen to and discuss with them how they approach their jobs. In this context, I got particularly intrigued by Francisco Niéto Pérez and his title: barista manager. In just a couple of days, he would be so gracious with his time…

Leading change can be so hard, no matter what your organization looks like! What if we could spare you some pain? Dear reader, I would like you to meet Julia Dubois. Julia is not a consultant, and she is not a change manager. She is not a coach either. Julia is Chief Operating Officer at TenForce. She has won all our admiration, and I’m pretty sure she will win yours as well. After having gone through a re-organization as an employee, she has driven change at team and department levels. Recently, she went much further and she took a big…


Ex teacher | Product Manager | Facilitator of Learning&Development Experiences and Team Development Enthusiast

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