My experience at NLHTML5 x CSSDAY

I went to a meetup that was a pre-event to CSS day ( This event was hosted by Werkspot (thanks you guys!). This was a evening full of information and everything was awesome! Even though I had to leave after the second talk I would love you to give you a quick look through my eyes and what I’ve learned.


This event was hosted by Werkspot, who gave a quick look of who they were and what they do. Werkspot is a company that is localised in Italy (Instapro) and the Netherlands (werkspot). They provide a service for entrepreneurs and professionals as a questions and answers board. Just for jobs.

Well, to meet the needs of the user and professional (show that there are professionals out there and vice versa). They use machine learning and datascience to show people the right content. Their currently working with ReactJS, Apollo Client 2 and NodeJS.

Machine Learning

Lian Li a software engineer that actually loves messing around with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The talk of Lian Li was a lot of information and I mean a lot! This article would be pages long and have code snippets and probably would confuse you more. Because I’m not Lian Li.

But messing around with Machine Learning in on the web is pretty fun, as an example she led us through a bit of code that takes a color and tries to find the complementary color. This is done with TensorflowJS. It is a framework that makes machine learning possible in the browser. As I mentioned before it would be hard for me to explain everything I would love to reference to the live stream and code along to make more sense of it.

Follow Lian Li on Twitter


This presentation was of Damien Senger . Which was pretty interesting. We need to accept that we are building websites for the ideal user. But in reality there are users that have dyslexia, ADHD or any other reading condition. But it doesn’t have to be just a condition. You can be tired or just can’t focus.

We as humans we read the shapes of words not actually read word for word. This is why we can still read misspeledl words. But this also why we mostly read the first 4 sentences from point to point.

Well, okay but how are we fixing this? Damien told us about the four C’s. With examples of the Schiphol airport, which has the best readability in his opinion.

Continuity — repetition of the information until the endpoint.

Conspicuity — Being eye-catching and understandable.

Consistency — keeping the same wording along the way.

Clarity — The message needs to be clearly understandable. Try to visually explain difficult to understand topics.

So we need some rules. While listening I have been writing the some rules. The examples he used aren’t ugly, or weird. So being accessible isn’t doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. The rules:

  • Open dyslexia font is not a solution.
    It’s a great tool but not the solution
  • Always include the most important points in the first two paragraphs.
  • A lot of content? Use a heading hierarchy.
    Layered-cake-hierarchy? F-hierarchy? Z-hierarchy?
  • Start headings with the words carrying the most information.
    Because the user immediately sees what your text is about.
  • Group small related content, with strong visual systems.
    Let the user know that
  • Bold important content.
    Use this a lot!
  • Be specific for links
    (click here..) <- this is not a link!
  • Be semantic, and visual.
    use semantic HTML and enhance it with visuals.
  • Keep a consistent layout.
    Show them there is more, with your lay out
  • Remove unneeded content
    be honest is this needed!?
  • Go BIGGER!
    We don’t have to see small text on the web, anymore. We can handle that on the web nowadays.

Follow Damien Senger on Twitter & Watch his talk

So at the end..

I had to leave the meetup early because I wanted to get up early the next day. So I’m really sorry for missing the native browser api’s talk of Christian Schaefer.

Well, karma got to me, immediately. I won the Berlin trip of the raffle, but I just left the building. So eventually I lost the raffle.

Either way it was an awesome experience and hopefully see you guys the next time!

A web developer. Definitely a music geek.

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