Preserve Your Brain With This Salt Knowledge.

This is a story about how Sodium and Chlorine got together to create salt.

Both show up at a pool party bcuz both love water. Like, being in water. Sodium is generally unstable. I mean horny. Rare that you will ever find Sodium alone in nature. And Sodium never goes for one Chlorine. It needs two Chlorine to stabilize. After a wild night you get salt. Ta-dah!

Big fat corporations use one of three strategies to extract salt.

There’s excavation. They dig it out of the ground once they hit a vein. Typically extracted with the use of dynamite and big collecting machines and big crushing stations that contains several crushing machines on board. And they make a fine snow hill that is honestly salt. It reminds me of home.

Or they create several salt ponds. Passing water one pond to the next to leave behind as much impurities each time. Sun evaporates the water all the while. After most of the water has evaporated and the gunk has been eliminated, they leave the pile of salt to dry because no one wants a teaspoon of wet salt on their fillet mignon. Not me that’s as o matter o fact!

Nowadays I think they use the cone-cylinder technique more. Large metal containers of that shape. Heat the first. Residue sinks at the bottom. The steam from the first will heat the second. The second the third and so on.

To make iodized table salt from those just add a bunch of other chenicals. I mean chemicals. Sigh.

Want to make your own salt? Think that you have the creative knack for it? Well here’s how: Boil water to evaporate it. Optimal if you have a wooden stove. I mean a wood stove. (Slowly losing my smarts boys). Wasting energy to keep your electric stove running just sounds dumb as crumbs. After all, the two main reasons for wanting to make our own salt is to save money, or switch a trip to the store with a trip to the beach, or just to be cool. Or to preserve food. Especially meats. If you are a hunter this certainly sounds quite appealing maybe. Saw what I did there? A batch of salt to the first person to notice.

That oughta do it.

Suck a dick folks.