A Calculated Response
Erika Hall

The first step of respecting women is to not treat them like robots and respect their opinion. Alice’s opinion is just to take things with humor and not think much of it, and I perfectly think it’s fine. For her, the situation described didn’t call for further action, and could be taken lightly with humor. Not because of fear of retribution, but because she honestly thought it’s not serious enough to create tensions.

I don’t mean to suggest that leering is appropriate workplace behavior — it isn’t — but it is human and up to a point, I think, forgivable. — Alice Huang

Alice didn’t stick to the now stereotypical, automatic, feminist response of vilifying men’s behavior. Yet, she is being criticized for speaking her mind. I fully support her right to have an opinion that differs from what the media and the public think she should say.

I think we should all respect her opinion.

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