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What can I do with Tongue?

Tongue is an Ethereum Wallet, so you can send and receive transactions for every Tokens of the Ethereum ecosystem. You also can interact with all dApps that are compatible with Wallet Connect (Uniswap, Yearn, Curve, Cream, Synthetix…)

How to use my existing Gnosis Safe with Tongue?

When you launch Tongue for the first time, choose “Restore an existing wallet”. Then fill the address of your Gnosis Safe and the 12 words that represent an account registered as an owner of your Gnosis safe.

Does Tongue have access to my funds?

Only you can access your assets and nobody can stop you accessing them.

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  • Tongue is a wallet on iOS which includes your tx at the best price / time ratio.
  • Tongue is non-custodial and uses Gnosis Safe, Wallet Connect and Rockside Relayer.

DeFi is a world full of opportunities but …

Missing on a juicy trade due to poor gas price estimation might seem just slightly annoying, but the road to depression is paved with failed transactions.

It starts with a missed trade inducing a small morale dip.

Your wet blanket attitude bores your colleagues, and your friends — who don’t give a rat’s ass about DeFi — stop texting you. As you’re lying on your parents’ couch, wondering how you spiralled down so fast, getting pinged by scammy telegram groups, the final blow hits you. They: your parents, creators, hardcore followers, all-time sponsors, stopped believing in your “to the moon” speech and they are discussing your lousy trader career — eradicated before its establishment. …

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At Rockside, we take security very seriously. In our new architecture, our users send Ethers to a Forwarder contract. Rockside pays the gas to relay transactions and is reimbursed by this Forwarder contract. This audit allowed us to validate 2 things that are absolutely essential for us:

  • Our users’ funds are secure.
  • The service is fair by design, Rockside can never be refunded more than the maximum price fixed by the users to relay their transaction.

We checked references of, and interviewed several security companies before deciding to hire Sekoia to conduct an external audit of our smart contracts. Sekoia is a French key player in cybersecurity. …

Story and presentation of our project: Omerta

After a week of recovery, here is a short story of our experience of the Hackaton ETHBerlin Zwei in Berlin, a combination of a hackathon, experiences, workshops and talks, happening from 21st to 25th of August 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

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More than a Hackathon, ETHBerlin Zwei is a kind of festival for Hackers

Friday: H-hour -36

💡Find a motivating idea…

We signed up with a vague project idea and a team of 3 motivated developers (Tangui, Nicolas and me).

The idea was adding a layer of privacy on top of the current social networks (Facebook, Twitter, …) by encrypting the messages just before sending them to the servers. Our service also allows the sender to control who can decrypt these messages thanks to Ethereum. …

Meet Vincent Langard — CTO of BCDiploma

As part of of Community partnership, BCDiploma participates in the development of Rockside by testing the product and giving regular feedback. BCDiploma raises €1.2 million to become the global standard for certifying diplomas and certificates online. Meet with Vincent Langard, the CTO of BCDiploma.

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Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash


Misleading or embellishing your CV is not something new but the market has shifted during the digital rise. A lucrative business is booming with high-quality rendering (paper, stamps, ink). According to HireRight’s 2018 employment screening benchmark report, 84% of respondents have found a lie or misrepresentation on a resume and/or job application on educational credentials. In China, buying a fake diploma from the University of Hong Kong costs only US$250. In France, it costs roughly the same price for a degree from a reputable university. In the US, on top of a fake degree, a client can add a lawyer notarization at US$550 to attest the authenticity of the diploma. …

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If you have followed our adventure from the beginning you know that we believe in the potential of decentralized systems. Blockchain technology is a unique opportunity to build a better Internet. We develop Rockside to simplify the use of this technology and thus contribute to its adoption in the corporate world.

This main objective led us to offer our product on premises and free of charge for a period of 6 months to better understand market expectations.

Since launching Rockside on premise at the EthCC 2019, we collected a lot of feedback. On the one hand, we got positive feedbacks from large groups which installed the on premises version and maintain it by their qualified team (such as DevOps profile). …

After several months of coding, refactoring, testing and bug fixing, we are really excited to announce our Public Early Access Version, free for all developers for non-commercial use.

EthCC 2019 (Ethereum Community Conference) is the second edition of a series of conferences and workshops with 250 international speakers. The perfect opportunity for us to get feedback from the community 🚀

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Hey, it’s me ;) Announcing Rockside Early Access Version during Asseth meetup at Consensys France

Early Access version: Key Features

Rockside makes Blockchain technology more accessible

Rockside is a Blockchain Service Provider that helps companies build Blockchain application, industrialize processes, and grow their business. Because we believe in the potential of the Ethereum protocol, we want to make it accessible to all developers. …

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Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

L’adoption de la Blockchain par les entreprises est imminente. Avant de franchir cette étape essentielle à l’avènement d’un web décentralisé, la technologie continue de se heurter à des obstacles empêchant son déploiement à grande échelle.

Cette semaine, Deloitte a publié les résultats d’une vaste enquête menée dans sept pays. Plus de 1.000 cadres d’entreprises de plus de 500 millions de dollars de chiffres d’affaires ont été interrogés.

  • 34 % travaillent déjà sur un projet pilote
  • 41 % s’attendent à ce que leurs sociétés adoptent la technologie dans les 12 mois à venir

La décentralisation, un concept difficile à appréhender pour les entreprises et une technologie complexe pour les développeurs

Quel protocole Blockchain ? Ethereum, Bitcoin, … Quelle type de Blockchain ? Publique / Autorisée / …Quel consensus ? PoW (Proof of Work), PoA (Proof of Authority) …Quels cas d’utilisations ? Quels modèles d’affaires ? Quelles interopérabilités ? Quelle confidentialité ? …

Après 10 années extraordinaires avec la team Frianbiz, je démarre une nouvelle aventure entrepreneuriale en rejoignant Corentin Denoeud à la direction de Blockchain-studio !

Chaque année, Engie organise un challenge innovation afin d’identifier de nouveaux business models pour le groupe. L’année dernière, le challenge était articulé autour de la blockchain. Engie cherchait un outil pour permettre aux participants de développer des preuves de concept basées sur cette technologie.

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Maltem (avec son éco-système

Organisé par le Centre national d’études spatiales (CNES), l’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA) et l’ESA BIC Sud France, ActInSpace® est un hackathon qui a pour objectif de faciliter le transfert technologique du spatial vers de nouveaux marchés.

L’édition 2018 s’est déroulée dans près de 35 pays répartis sur les cinq continents avec plus de 70 villes et plus de 3000 candidats ! Nous avons participé au challenge à Paris dans les locaux de l’école 42.

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© CNES/Hervé Piraud, 2018

Notre équipe, OpenSpace, était composée de 4 développeurs (Loïc, Lucas, Guillaume et moi) et d’un business developer (Aurélien). Nous avons choisi de relever le challenge “Certificat de naissance infalsifiable” proposé par le CNES, qui consistait à imaginer un service capable de garantir l’authenticité temporelle et spatiale d’un produit avec un numéro infalsifiable. …


Vincent Le Gallic

CTO & Co-founder

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