Darn Russians!!

So many words to say so little. Hillary took her work home and that makes her a criminal? Nearly every government official has done the same, including most of Trump’s cabinet. Free speech does not include the right to slander or to advocate violence. Nobody wants war with Russia but like a dangerous psychotic, Putin needs to be kept in his place. Same with the “Moron” running the White House and trying to start a war with Iran & Korea. “Legal” Immigrants? The point of DACA was to apply humanity to the fate of millions of youngsters that were so established as Americans, that the laws were bent to include them and of course the result was to produce a very vital group of hard working “dreamers”. Just the type of immigrants we need. Comey? He was wrong in his support of Trump with the release of “fake news” concerning Hillary. He made up for it by standing up to Trump’s obstruction of justice. EFC, like most supporters of fascism, you don’t seem to perceive the inherent dangers to your liberties and those of fellow Americans by supporting Donald de Dum Dum and his swamp characters as they destroy the American Dream and fill White Nationalists with the false hopes of entitlements and myths that serve a very particular group of greed based materialists. I am an old, rich, educated white boy and hope all peoples everywhere are afforded the opportunity to seek and find happiness through self fulfillment.

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