Founding CEO of revolution technologies

Hey guys my name is Vincent stokes and I've just recently gotten into the field of a self employed business, for years I've worked actively with technology for years now and i finally have decided that software is something that i want to actively chase towards as my business obligation, and that is how the revolution began since the age of eight I've been actively wanting a career in gaming and various technologies but just haven't known exactly quite how to get my foot into the door. well honestly i’m taking a lot of risks with the whole business thing but i figure if i can at least start then maybe i can ultimately build on it later and actively make it. I’m going to explain a bit about my company, we here at revolution technologies currently make freeware and game-ware for such platforms as windows and android, if i can ever find anyone more handy with Linux based software our applications may even branch into apple bases, however i am admittedly still getting better at understanding development myself and because of this the platforms im working with are extremely limited, and are near beginner in nature however this is a call to other fellow developers who would help a would be beginner to help sharpen and hone his own skills, im all about learning more and more. i want to be the best at what i do and the only way to do that is to learn and reflect my ideas off of others because admittedly theres only so much that i can teach myself. however i would like to thank you for this time that you have taken to read my first if brief submission. i hope to be able to update my blog a lot more and also am hoping to get some positive feedback from this submission, thank you for your time once again and have a good day.