Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendships of Boys?
Mark Greene

I frequently say to friends, “The problem with childhood is having to become an adult.” This commentary urges me to look more deeply into this topic. Since early childhood, I have bonded with boys and men. When I realized in my mid-twenties that my deeper understanding and intuition about other men was in the fact I had to embrace my homosexuality. It has taken me years, now age 73, to admit that so openly, except when in very close and “safe” quarters. The uninformed and under-educated believe that every homosexual wants to bed down with every male. Not true. But, men both straight and gay can bond with an exceptionally deep connection. Some of my closest friends over many years are and have been hetero. They will hug me; might even give me a peck on the cheek. I recall, in the dim light of my childhood years, two boys in particular with whom I was especially smitten. It was too soon and too young to be sexual. It simply was a connection. There is such fear over affection between men. But, the fear is learned; taught. Over the years we humans, male and female, lose so much of “life” because of the structures that are built around us. The free spirit and joy expressed by most children is a signal to us adults to “lighten up”.

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