The True Danger of Marijuana

Keeping pot illegal.

Don’t miss out because you’re high.

While marijuana legalization continues to grow across the country, I wanted to remind people why it was made illegal in the first place. The inherent dangers of pot should not be ignored, or we will end up making many of the mistakes that we made in the past. We should keep pot illegal because it still poses an enormous threat to our happiness.

In 1987, I was at the Capital Center in DC attending a Grateful Dead show. My friends and I just arrived and were walking through the caravan trying to find a good spot to hangout. As we walked along, we smoked three joints between five of us. The day was bight and sunny and music permeated the air around us. A giant cloud of smoke rose above the throngs of deadheads who milled about and lounged in their own worlds, smoking weed, tripping, and sucking nitrous.

My friend Dylan was walking beside me, and our other friends were behind us. We approached a dirt road continuing to smoke weed. I exhaled and coughed a cloud of smoke handing Dylan the joint. As the smoke dissipated, a car appeared driving slowly along the dirt road before us and stopped in our path.

The car was a station wagon filled with young aspiring hippie girls. The hippies were packed into the station wagon six deep. They rolled down their windows and yelled to me and Dylan, “Hey guys, want some sandwiches?”

I looked at Dylan and saw that he was also confused. I answered the girls, “No, we’re not looking for sandwiches. Do you have any buds or LSD?”

The hippie in the front passenger seat flipped back her long silky blond hair revealing a flower painted on her cheek. She said, “No guys, do you want some sandwiches?”

The rest of the pretty stoned hippie girls chanted, “Sandwiches!”

I looked at Dylan in confusion and said to the girls, “What the fuck? We don’t want any sandwiches.”

The blond in the passenger seat leaned out of the window and pressed her fingertips on one hand to the fingertips on her other hand and then began pumping her hands as though they were a heart beating. She stated clearly and slowly,


It was as though these women were speaking in hieroglyphs. Dylan and I stood in confusion and finally one of us said, “We don’t want any damn sandwiches. Get the hell out of here.”

The girls drove off into the psychedelic ether never to be seen again. As Dylan and I watched them disappear into the sprawling caravan of deadheads we heard the roar of laughter behind us. Our mutual friends were rolling about in the dirt laughing at us. Dylan shrugged, “What?”

Our friend Mike laughed, “You two are fucking idiots…think.”

As we stood futilely summoning our impaired intellects, he screamed,


Suddenly, the lost opportunity for hippie love became apparent. Dylan and I lamented and cursed ourselves. That was the day I realized the true danger of marijuana and why it should remain illegal.