Handing Over the CEO Reins

In May 2022, I announced to our board my decision to step down as the CEO of Overloop, the company I founded and managed for over six years.

Today I am very pleased to announce that I have decided to hand over the CEO reins to Rafael Figueroa (Rafa). I’m sure Rafa will make an outstanding CEO, and I know I cannot put the company’s leadership into a better pair of hands.

I wanted to share a bit about why I decided to make this change.

The reasons

Not passionate about the role anymore

Being the CEO is exciting. Everybody comes to you when they need something. You are the one hiring (and firing) people. You make all the important decisions. You have the power.

You are also the voice of the company. Journalists come to you for interviews, and this is even more exciting when you have some success.

However, this is especially true at the start of the adventure… After a while, all this begins to weigh on your shoulders.

If you add to that the pressure to grow fast, and the need to devote yourself to managing bigger and bigger teams, then the CEO role becomes tedious and exhausting, as far as I am concerned.

Knowing where your skills are

I like to say that I’m a developer who doesn’t love coding. Coding is just a skill that allows me to bring my ideas to life. I’m creative; I love to craft things out of nothing. I’m good at going from 0 to 1.

I’m good at starting things. This is the part I love the most about building a business, and it’s also the part where I think I’m the best.

Recognizing that someone else can be better than you

Overloop is already a success, but the potential for the company to grow and be a super success is obvious to me. Unfortunately (or not), I’m not the right person for this second venture phase.

6 years as a CEO also gives you some sense of modesty. This is why I can easily put my ego aside and understand that the company needs a new hire, a new CEO. This is what the company is lacking right now, and I had to make this decision for the company's future.

Why Rafa?

Rafael Figueroa, CEO at Overloop

Passion for the job

As a former VP of Customer Success at companies like Proxyclick (now Eptura) and Trengo, Rafa has a real passion for customer relationships and has a customer-centric approach to the SaaS business.

“Customer first“ is our first value at Overloop, so Rafa's previous experiences align with what we need and believe in.


Rafa started his journey at Proxyclick when the Customer Success and Support team was only 4 people. He grew with the company to hundreds of employees in multiple offices worldwide. Along with his passion for customers, Rafa also loves to manage people and grow teams, giving them objectives, tracking performances, and ensuring steady growth for the entire company.

Human fit

That was a very important point; the human fit between Jean Derély (my co-founder), Rafa, and myself has been very good. Rafa also worked with the entire team for over 2 months, and feedback has been very positive.

With all these green lights, we decided to give Rafa a chance and appoint him as our new CEO 👊

My future


Being on this rollercoaster for over 6 years while raising 2 little kids (10 and 6) is exhausting. The first thing I’ll do is to take some rest. Read books and do some sport (I recently fell in love with padel 🎾 😍).

Board Director

Starting today, I also take on the board director role at Overloop. I will be in a consulting role and volunteering my time to help Overloop behind the scenes.

New projects

As I told you above, my passion is to create and launch projects. So I’m not just going to stay home and play padel :)

SaaS Studio

I decided to take over the project that brought Overloop into the world (Minimum Studio at that time). A studio dedicated exclusively to the creation of SaaS companies.

I call it Recurring Studio. Several projects are already in the pipe, and I will communicate more soon.


Another industry that has been close to my heart for several years is watchmaking. I’m a passionate watch collector, and I’ve been dreaming of creating my own brand for a while.

So this is the second project I will focus on in the next few years. The creation of a crazy and eccentric watch brand, a bit like me…

I decided to call this brand Atypik, and there is already a website in place at https://atypik.watch if you are interested.

Final thoughts

Today marks the beginning of a very exciting new chapter for Overloop and for me. I am bullish about what the company can achieve, and I know that Rafa is going to do great things in the years to come.

Thank you to all current and previous Overloop team members, to Jean for helping me a lot with this transition, and to Rafa, of course, for taking this challenge!



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