One week after hitting the Product Hunt homepage…

About a week ago, Postpone was featured on the Product Hunt homepage. This was very exciting for me, as the Product Hunt community is quite large, leading to valuable feedback and significant exposure. We ended the day with 139 upvotes.

In this post, I just wanted to share with you the results of Postpone’s exposure on Product Hunt.


In one week we got 3,252 visitors via Product Hunt:


We got 324 signups from these visitors. This is a 9.96% conversion rate and it’s pretty high. This is probably due to the Product Hunt community itself. People there are always looking to try out new products.


We got feedback from different sources, all all of which was very positive and — even if it’s not a product validation — this always makes you feel good ☺. This feedback also confirmed that we need a mobile app: the good news is that we are working on it.

  • 19 emails
  • 6 comments directly on Product Hunt
  • 9 tweets (and 13 new followers)

Other websites

By hitting the Product Hunt homepage, you also get featured on other websites. Some are simple aggregators, while, others notice your start-up there and write about you. Combined, these websites represent 191 visitors during this first week. Nothing particularly exciting as you can see.

Immeasurable benefits

Hitting the Product Hunt homepage will also affect your business in ways that can’t be measured. Your brand will be brought to the attention of a lot of people; your partners will see you there.

The press will also notice your start-up, which may be useful — even unconsciously — for future relations.

When speaking to journalists you can always point them to your Product Hunt post. That is something really important these days.

The morale

As I said, even if the positive feedback is not a product validation, it is very good for the morale. Creating a product like Postpone is a long and tiring process. Getting the thumbs-up is very much appreciated.

So, thank you to the Product Hunt team for that!

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