America; imprisoned by the corrupt Liberals:

These liberal lefties are the most corrupt group of people we have in America. If you thought Hillary Clinton or Obama were corrupt don’t be surprised to find out that America has been infiltrated with thousands of people that want to destroy America and the freedom it has always stood for. These liberals do not want America to become great again that is why they will do anything to stop Trump from becoming our President. They do not want to see the American people free from the heavy hand of their government control, they want what they have worked so hard to do in America and that is to have the American people depend on the government to survive in every thing they do, while these corrupt liberals live like kings off of the peoples hard earned tax dollars.

Trump is going to make America great again and return control back to its people where it belongs, “For the People and By the People”. Allow capitalism to once again grow America and allow everyone the chance to climb the latter of success and become whatever they choose to be. Lowering the personal income tax as well as tax on businesses will bring back the jobs America needs, and that is exactly what these corrupt liberals are so much against. Negotiating new fair deals with countries that have been ripping the American people off, and stopping companies from leaving America, and stop making the American people dependant on government welfare programs is precisely what these liberals are against, for if this happens all their hard work to imprison the American people to depend on the government handouts will be destroyed. That is why they are so afraid of Trump as President.

This election has proven that the American people won’t take it any longer and they spoke out with their vote to elect a non political person with a good proven business background to run our country. A person that loves America and has no political reason to want to be president except to take America out of the hands of these corrupt politicians and allow the American people to once again do what they do best, and that is to grow this country back into the shining star on the hill, where we all live under our Constitution and work to get ahead without the interference from a corrupt political government that’s only purpose was to use the American people to enrich their self and all those big lobbyist groups that they pay off with the American taxpayers money.

What is even harder for these corrupt liberals to take is seeing all the people that Trump has been appointing to help him return the control back to its people and remove the burdensome laws that have been slowly destroying businesses that create jobs in America. By doing this Trump will allow capitalism to once again take over and start building America back to where it should be in the world.

With the liberals in charge for several decades America has become what you would call “a buy only nation”, you can see it from the products seen on all our store shelves, made in China, Taiwan, and many other countries but very few made in America. As a matter of fact we can’t even repair a large percentage of the products we purchase such as electronics, household appliances, parts of the Automobile, and many other products because these companies that produce them will not supply parts to America to enable repairs. If we were able to obtain half these parts we could put millions of people back to work and our landfills would no longer have good repairable products being dumped into them. Why won’t these companies sell us these parts? It’s because they would rather sell more products and increase their bottom line as products go bad. Some of the electronics are built with obsolescence built in where they are purposely equipped with parts that they know will go bad after a certain period of time, and those parts they will never sell. Now how corrupt is that? I am sure that Trump will introduce legislation that will require manufactures that sell product in America no matter where they are produced, be required to provide to anyone in America all necessary parts, that will enable start-up repair and service companies to repair products saving the American buyer millions of dollars every year and at the same time providing thousand of good jobs to the American people.

We use to have a law called Antitrust that required any company that used a part to repair their own product they must allow that part to be purchased by anyone that wanted to compete against them in repairing their product. The law was to protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies or unfair business practices I don’t see that law being publicized anywhere, and I am sure it’s because we are being forced to be a buy only nation. Think about this; how many times did you have a product go bad and find out that it was either un-repairable because the parts were unavailable or the cost to obtain the necessary parts were so costly that it was less expensive to purchase a new one?

Trump is not going to be able to change all this corruption overnight because the swamp is deep, but over time we should see capitalism come alive, companies moving their manufacturing back into America, along with the trillions of off shore dollars, as Trump and his administration drains this deep swamp that has been imprisoning the American people for decades.