What’s Your Choice?

To be fair, 4.30am is an early time for anyone to start the day, but is something I’ve gotten used to over the years. I realized some time ago I felt exactly the same, when I got up at 4.30am compared to when I would get up at 6.30am, so I had no excuse. Especially when it gave me time to meditate, stretch and have breakfast all before heading out the door to go exercise, work or start the day.

In today’s world, we seem to have this pride in being “busy” all the time. This may be true, but are you setting your priorities correctly? Are you actually spending your time efficiently, achieving what you want. I need to clarify, some people have these long lists of everything they want, but I honestly believe Mick Jagger said it best “You can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometime you find, You get what you need.”

I am not saying I am the poster boy for getting things done. Far from it, I am the king of procrastination. I have some wild ideas I struggle to even start and then struggle even further to finish. All I’m saying is if I can write a book, release an online magazine, keep active, still have some sort of social life and hold down a day job, anyone can do it.

You have time for everything as long as you find something you are motivated by and no matter where you are in life, there’s a way you can move forward. No one is always busy. If something’s not happening, it just depends on what number the item is on the priority list. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

To be fare, this year has been pretty good for me. I still live in the hope of doing something different though, in the expectation I will enjoy it, and will add it to my daily routine cause I know it will make me stronger as a person and it is heading in the direction I have chosen.

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Vince has worked with Splunk for over 5 years, developing apps and reporting applications around Splunk, and now works hard to advocate its success. He has worked as a system engineer in big data companies and development departments, where he has regularly supported, built, and developed with Splunk. He has now published his first book via Packt Publishing — Learning Splunk Web Framework.