3 Things You Can’t Change. So Don’t Bother Trying!

Photo by Paul Morris via Unsplash.com

How much time do you waste trying to change things you can’t? Think about this for one moment. I’ve realized, no matter what I do, there are some things in life that I simply have no control over. I can’t change them. So why bother trying?

After all, trying to make something or someone conform to what I want is a huge time sink.

I’m sure there are number of “things” that would make this list. Limiting it to just three is an easy way to make a post. But personally, these three things are not only the most important, but the easiest ones to stop doing. Take a look:

  1. Changing Yourself In Response To What Other’s Want. There’s a difference between adaptability to various people and situations. Then there’s being someone you’re not to accommodate others. What a waste of time. You cannot be fake. What a way to not live. We can’t change who we are for someone else. If someone doesn’t like you or appreciate who you are, honestly, that’s their problem. Don’t make it yours. This is an easy thing to stop doing because you have full control.
  2. You can’t change your history. Don’t bother trying. We learn from our experiences and gain insight from our memories. But to dwell on the past is sucking the life out of your present and costing you opportunities for the future. Leave the past in the past.
  3. You can’t change other people. We’ve all wanted others to act and conform to what we want and what we need. We ourselves, are guilty of number 1 above. But just as we don’t conform to others expectations, we can’t make others conform to ours. Accept people for who they are.

Change Isn’t Easy

Improving ourselves requires growing and developing. Becoming our better selves isn’t easy. Changing what is necessary and not wasting time on things we can’t is key to balance.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale

Live each moment and each day as opportunity to grow and adapt. But don’t fight for things that are unattainable. Find your success from within.

Originally published at Vincent Vicari Art.