A Fresh Start Isn’t The Craziest Idea

Fresh Start

Yesterday something in my mind just clicked. It was the proverbial spark I guess you could say. It was simply, the idea to start over on my blog. It came out of the blue. As I was perusing other blogs, I came to realize that mine was lacking. At one time I thought starting over was crazy. Then after reading Abby Lawson’s blog, I thought, a fresh start isn’t the craziest idea.

Abby started blogging in 2013 as an outlet for herself. Fast-forward and her blog is now a full-time gig for her and her husband. I was inspired. I’ve been blogging on-and-off since 2010 and started and stopped several blogs. My mind wonders what if I just stuck with it, where would I be?

I then navigated back here and just stared at the screen. What did I want from this? What do I want this creative outlet to be? Is it a crazy idea to just scrap so much work and start over? The answer I immediately came to was no, it’s not crazy. In fact, it’s the perfect thing to do.

Starting Fresh

Starting new isn’t easy. Especially when I stopped and looked at all the posts I wrote and the time that went into creating them. I’ll be the first to admit they weren’t the best. Some better than others, but an expression that I felt I needed to share. In the end I moved many, over 200, to the trash. What an experience to say the least. Think about building a house from the ground up, then knocking it down.

One thing I learned and was amazed by, was just how liberating the rebuilding is. I have much more to do, but thinking about what I want this blog to be and what I think it can be is a little inspiring.

Reading other’s who just wanted a place to express themselves and ultimately turned their blogging into a highly successful business is what creating is all about.

I don’t know exactly how much I’m going to tear down. I do know, this is the first post since my grand, crazy idea of starting over hit me. Just when you think you can’t start over, is exactly the moment when you need to stop and begin again.

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