Creative JumpStart: How To Express Yourself When You’re An Introvert

Vincent Vicari
Feb 19, 2018 · 5 min read

-Sylvia Plath

They say extroverts have all the fun and success. I say that doesn’t need to be true. We’re not all the life of the party and that’s ok. But if you’re introverted like me, sometimes your creativity and artistic expression suffer.

So how do we stop this self-defeating curse?

First, let’s dispel the idea being introverted is a curse. It’s the personality that makes me, you, others who we are. Being an introvert is not a curse, introversion is actually an asset in many situations.

For those of us with the creative bug, we tend to thrive more within our introverted state. Just because we don’t prefer being the center of attention, doesn’t mean we lack ambition, innovation or a sense of adventure.

Introverts Are Happy Campers

What is happiness? The answer depends on who you’re asking. I’m most happy going for a hike or camping and just taking in nature. The more outgoing probably prefer a larger crowd and more excitement.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Happiness, just like art, is in the eye of the beholder. Break it down on a cultural level and yeah, the outgoing individuals are portrayed as and viewed as happier.

At least in our Western culture.

Your art, your creativity is a reflection of you. Don’t think because you’re an introvert, you can’t express yourself. Your contemplative way of living is perfect to foster the creative inside you.

If you want a little more information on the happiness of extroverts vs. introverts, check out this article from Psychology Today here.

Expressing Yourself To Market Your Art

How much time do you spend in the studio or out in the field creating your work? How much time do you spend marketing your work?

This is a daily struggle artist’s and other professional creatives face. You want to create and sell, but if no one knows you exist, how do you sell? Marketing your art and your art business is essential and hard.

Now throw in your introverted personality and well, you’re sunk.

Not so fast. Marketing and art go hand-in-hand. Your art business needs to consist of two primary functions: creating art and marketing art.

Without either of these, you have no art business.

The first step in developing your marketing is to get over the fact you have to put yourself out there. Just accept what you have to do. The easiest way to do this is through social media marketing and content marketing.

Neither requires actual face-to-face interaction. Use the courage you have looking at a screen to market your work to the world.

Using content marketing and social media is the easiest, most cost-effective way to make your art the “life of the party.” Remember, success won’t happen overnight.

By following your marketing plan and content strategy, you will see your following grow. You will market your art all from the comfort of whatever device you use.

A Marketing Plan For Introverts

So we briefly discussed how being an introvert doesn’t have to hold you back from marketing your art. All you need is a plan, some social media accounts, and your set.

But how do you plan your strategy? After all, you’re about to share yourself with the world.

Before I start anything new, I learn as much as I can. Why reinvent the wheel? Someone else has done it before and knows what they’re doing and is most likely sharing that knowledge.

The beauty of the digital age we live in, is many entrepreneurs like you are sharing and teaching what they learned for free. One of the best people to learn from is Neil Patel. Check out some of his social media tips here:

Neil has a ton of useful videos on his YouTube channel and a tremendous number of in-depth, well-written articles on his blog. I read his blog almost daily and subscribe to his channel. His advice helps me tremendously. I strongly encourage you to subscribe. As an artist, you’re an entrepreneur who will learn from other entrepreneurs. Neil is a perfect place to start and return to.

5 Steps For The Introverted Marketer

So time for your introverted marketing plan. Follow these steps but don’t hesitate to diverge as your business changes. You will find what worked a month ago, may not work today.

  1. Set a primary goal. What do you want to accomplish through your marketing? More sales? A larger following? You’ll realize you want both. A larger following will help you achieve sales. The more fans, the more possibilities.
  2. Don’t fixate on a large following. Now this contradicts part of the first step. You want more followers, but you want quality followers. Gain followers who will engage and share your content. You want followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say and most importantly, in your art.
  3. Make sure your social media marketing is in line with your content marketing. The centerpiece of your marketing is your art and your story. My blog is the foundation of my content. Everything I post to Twitter comes from my blog along with retweeting other relevant sites and a few fun things. But the content I write here is the primary content.
  4. You’ve heard it before, but be consistent. Your Instagram should focus on your art and link back to your site. Your Twitter should get attention and link visitors and followers back to your site. All your social media accounts should reflect your theme and your personality with the goal of driving potential customers and followers to your main content.
  5. Finally, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Just because you’re not the most outgoing, doesn’t mean you’re boring. You have much to say and share. You’re creative! You will be pleasantly surprised how many people actually want to engage with you.

Learning to market your art via social media and most importantly, making great content is the key to your business. There’s one more important step to your process: write everything down.

Your process, like your business, will change as you discover what works and what doesn’t. Write everything down. Use Google Sheets for you spreadsheets to control your plan.

Wrap Up

Being an introvert is not a problem for your art business. Use your personality as an asset and express yourself through writing and social media. You are more than just your art. Be a storyteller. Let potential customers and followers learn about you. Talk about what inspires you. Talk about your art.

Get creative with your social media posts. Follow trends in content marketing and social media marketing. Learn as much as you can. Write everything down and keep going. You will learn to balance your studio time with your marketing time. Just remember, marketing is the only way others will find you.

Go. Be. Create and market!

Originally published at Vincent Vicari Art.

Vincent Vicari

Written by

Mandala artist. Photographer. Storyteller.

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