Creative Rants: Find The Creative Drive

So I’m going to rant here on finding your creative drive. So much is written about creative block. That invisible obstacle holding creatives back.

The creative drive is what pushes us beyond those obstacles. It’s the pursuit of the singular focus of our creativity.

It’s in you and me.

We all have it.

But how do you find it?

I don’t want to sound out of touch with reality. Creativity isn’t a simple “thing.” Creativity requires effort. A push from deep within us. No matter what your creative passion, you must drive yourself.

The How Of Creativity

How do you do creativity? Do you gather tons of gear? The latest and greatest? Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. I have an unhealthy attachment to my micron pens and my Nikon D3300. That being said, creativity doesn’t come from what you use as much as how you use your tools.

My son thinks having a specific marker or crayon is what makes his art…his.

I wish he could understand his art is his because of his creativity. His personal drive to be creative is what makes his art his.

It’s how he, my six-year-old, does creativity.

“The true work of art is but a shadow the divine perfection.”


So how do you do creativity? Think about this. Give it serious thought. This is an important concept. You must do a deep-dive on your creativity. If you don’t, you wont’ fully grasp your own creative self.

The ability to be creative is what makes us human. Truly human.

The ability to fully understand our creativity is the ultimate pursuit in understanding our humanity.

In the end, this all may be hubris.

But how you do creativity is how do your humanity.

Wrap Up

I’m keeping my rant short. I’m very much about being concise. Keep your mind flowing with the creativity. Think of this post as a brief reminder of how you do creativity. Think about your processes. Keep in mind how you feel when your in the creative process. Don’t focus on your stuff. Yes, your gear and tools are obviously important. But it’s your process, your ideas that make the creativity.


Thanks for reading. How do you do your creativity? Let me know in comments. If you enjoyed this brief post, check out some wall art here.

Originally published at Vincent Vicari Art.