Creative Weekender: Start Your Creative Fall!

Vincent Vicari
Sep 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Fall has started and that means we keep going with our creativity.

Start the season with a great book you can start this weekend. I added this on the Kindle as something quick to read. It was a great pickup. Genevieve Parker’s compilation of insights from other creatives will inspire you. At the same time, you’ll learn some good tips. Checkout The Wealthy Creative: 24 Successful Artists and Writers Share Their Winning Habits.

Finances Anyone?

Artist’s need to think about finances. It’s not greed, it’s practical, it’s life. Checkout Investopedia for a ton of great articles and advice. I’m big on the financial aspects of living a creative life. Expect more in future posts.

An Art Prompt For Your Weekend

I’m big on thinking about what I want to create during the day first thing in the morning. So, for your weekend art prompt, let’s stick with the fall season.

Think about the colors, the leaves, the landscape and how it changes. What reminds you of Autumn? Don’t just think about the landscape. Think about food, the flavors, the breeze, the start of school. New beginnings and summer endings.

Now grab your coffee and sketch it. Sketch what you feel. Not someone who draws? Then write your ideas. Maybe a poem or free verse. Hell, make a haiku. Just stick to the Autumn theme.

I truly hope you find some creative inspiration through my suggestions. Of course, I do have to plug one of my designs:


You can find this hoodie here.

As always, thank you for reading and stay creative. Now go do.

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