How to Vote for VINchain on CoinEx

VINchain is now up for community voting on CoinEx, a global and professional digital coin exchange that is in Top 100 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Trade Volume in Coinmarketcap.
You can support us by voting on CoinEx to help get us listed. If you’re new to CoinEx, here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to get yourself registered to start voting now!

Step 1: Sign up for an account on CoinEx

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Sign up’. Or if you already have a CoinEx account, click ‘Sign in’.

Step 2: Go to your account settings

  • After signing up, or if your account is yet to be verified, hold your cursor over your account email.
  • Click on ‘Account’.

Step 3: Verify your account

  • Select the ‘My info’ tab.
  • Under ID Verification, click ‘Basic’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your account.

Step 4: Upload your id documents.

In next window or by Visiting this link upload your ID. You need to upload front and back of your id card or front of your passport and upload a photo of you handholding the front of ID document and statement (please write down current date and “CoinEx”);

Step 5: Vote!

And that’s it — you’re done!

On the VINchain voting page, you will also notice a ‘Promote’ button next to the ‘Vote’ button. This is optional, but once you’ve voted, it would really help if you promote your vote for VINchain on our various platforms like Telegram, or on your personal social media platforms!

Voting rules:

Voting qualification: ONLY for ID verified accounts with min. holding of 1000 CET
Cost: Each user can cast ONE vote for each project and each vote costs ONE CET. Max. 5 votes per account per week. Once voted, your CET is NOT refundable
Standard: Min. support of 1000 votes
Listing qualification: All qualified projects with enough votes must be evaluated and approved by CoinEx before being listed.
Detailed rules description:

About VINchain project:

There are many problems in the used car industry. One of the biggest is that used car buyers have limited information on a vehicle’s history. This can be disastrous for an important purchase if the vehicle has been in an accident or past damage has been hidden. This means that buyers are hesitant to pay full price for a used vehicle, as they must plan for any unseen issues.
Problems VINchain solves: 
• Data is spread across many different information providers. 
• These providers do not easily share information, especially with one another 
• Information that is provided is opaque and not reliable 
• Information is not captured in real time from the vehicle, thus resulting in a long delay 
• Incentives are such that everyone is encouraged to falsify information (or not provide any information) 
• A regular consumer can get stuck with a lemon car, as problems with the vehicle only surface months down the road 
• Approximately 30% of cars worldwide experience odometer fraud. Converted to dollars = $10 billion annually 
Our Solution: 
VINchain solves this problem by creating a transparent and accurate vehicle history report. We’re able to accomplish this by decentralizing data and storing it on the blockchain. Vehicle data is collected from repair shops, dealers, manufacturers, and even the vehicle itself! Because the data is decentralized, it can’t be falsified, and it is accessible by all.
Drivers are in control: 
For the first time in history drivers are in control of their own data, and are able monetize it. This is done with secure OBD devices that plug into any car that has been assembled after 1996 (Besides OBD this can also be done with telemetry). The drivers choose what information they want to share and with whom. Because of this, information is collected in real time, as opposed to with weeks or months of lag time as it is today. 
The data that is collected is tamper proof since it is kept on the blockchain. Furthermore the generated data belongs to its creator and all of these information providers are incentivized with rewards. Every time their information gets utilized in an information request, they get a corresponding token reward (tokens paid by the data requester). VINchain gets paid by taking a small percentage from transactions.

Our Products:
Beta vehicle Tracking platform:
U: demovin
P: Vinchain2017

Complete vehicle history reports (sourced from over 350+ million VIN records):

Live VINchain Blockchain:

Live VINchain Wallet:

Live VINchain Block Explorer:

Live VINchain Data Verifier:

Blockchain Verification in action:

Learn more about VINchain:

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