US Refund Instructions!

We want to thank you for participating in the VINchain ICO. Recently, we decided to refund all US participants. If you are a US contributor, you have the option to choose which address you would like your refund to be sent to. This instruction only for contributors who have paid in LTC, BTC, or DASH. If you paid with ETH, you will receive your refund automatically to the same address that you contributed with.

1) To start the refund you will need to enable your 2FA authentication.

Click on 2FA or on the ‘Security’ tab. Instructions on setting up 2FA can be found here:

2) After you are done setting up 2FA, click on the ‘Documents’ tab. You will need to submit KYC documents in order to choose a wallet for your refund. Click on the red ‘+ Upload Documents’ button and upload all of the required documents.

3) After uploading your KYC documents please wait until your documents are approved. This process can be take from a few minutes (most likely) to a full day (least likely).

4) After your documents are approved, click on the ‘refund’ tab.

5) Choose the currency that you have contributed with, by default you will see one of your addresses, if you want to return your funds to this address click SAVE, if you want to get your funds to another address put the address you want them to be returned to, and press SAVE.

6) After that you will get the note saying to confirm your email.

7) Go to your email and click on the link that you just received.

8) After that you will see that the status of your address has changed to REFUND ADDRESS IS CONFIRMED.

9) DONE. Just wait for your refund — refunds will be distributed once at the end of each week.

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