Dear VINchain community,

As usual we would like to share our latest update with you. We are working hard on the development of our GPS tracking platform and a lot of things have already been completed and are in test mode. The platform is not limited to just GPS tracking. All updates regarding the platform are available here:

Visit our GPS fleet tracking website and you’ll be the first to know how the system works.

The situation with IDAX is still uncertain. Last week we announced that we bought back 7821572.79 tokens, but we have not been able to withdraw any of them.

Regarding the VINchain vehicle history reports sold so far:
This week: 10327 vehicle history reports
Bought back: 500,000 VIN

We are excited about our new partnership which is helping us sell more reports in addition to the reports that we normally sell.

The amount of tokens bought back is as such because there is not enough tokens on sale

To know all our latest news please do not forget to join our VINchain official announcement channel

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

No intermediaries. Just you and the data provider. Execute trustworthy transactions secured by blockchain. Both with the ability to execute a trustful history.

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