We’re happy to announce our integration with the just-announced Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries API, making your creative elements available directly within Ludus.

For the past few months, we’ve worked in close collaboration with Adobe. Ludus participated in an early access program for the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries API. We gave feedback on how to improve it and, afterward, built an integration with Ludus that we’re excited to make available today, as Adobe kicks off their annual creative conference, Adobe MAX.

If you use popular software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you already know that Creative Cloud Libraries allow you to access creative elements across the different Creative Cloud products you use, dramatically removing friction and improving your workflow. The new functionality that…

For a very long time, even though it was one of our most requested features, we resisted adding it because it was in opposition to what we believed was a good presentation.

One of our most requested features…

We finally did it. Bulleted (and numbered) lists are here.

It took a long time, not because it was technically difficult to build, but because we never really believed in them. We’ve seen enough bad presentations in our lives to make these same things happen all over again in our own tool.

For us, and for many other experts in the sector, bullets are bad for presentations. Whenever someone asked us to implement the feature, we referred to this article explaining why it’s better to avoid them. In it, the author explains that bullet points make information more difficult to…

From now on, nobody will know that you use Ludus…

Make Ludus your very own!

We’ve been experimenting with custom URLs for a while now, allowing you to change the last part of your URL to something more memorable (for example https://app.ludus.one/mypresentation), but that was obviously not enough.

You have been asking if you could also personalize or customize the domain itself (to replace the app.ludus.one part), and this opportunity is finally here.

Why is this useful?

Having a custom domain allows you to keep your presentations under your own branded URL.

Usually, your presentation URL looks like this: https://app.ludus.one/c09eea4d-b139–4512-a530–90ed2bb503ba

Or like this, if you decide to customize the last part: https://app.ludus.one/mypresentation

On your custom domain, it could look…

We just released the biggest update of the viewer since August 2018. Here’s what it’s all about.

Viewer 4.0

Beautifully minimal

The new viewer is now available for all our users. It has been completely redesigned and simplified. The first key feature is simplicity. And we really mean it, the focus is now completely on the content. No gimmicky features, no more Ludus branding, no more thumbs up or down… just your story.

But there are other things to discover…

A (powerful) draggable bar

The navigation bar is now draggable, so it will never be obstructing something in your slide. This bar is draggable but it’s also disappearing as soon as you don’t need it. Just move your mouse to get it back on screen.

Our previous post was a while ago so we think you should know about a few things we released recently and that you might have missed…

New organization of top controls

The top controls have been organized in the editor, so they are easier to understand and use.

The left part still shows the title and the possibility to edit it. The central part buttons now have labels (“Present” and “Add slide”) and a new “Share” button appeared, which opens an improved share modal. The right part shows with which context you’re connected (which is useful in case you have a solo account and multiple teams).

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

When we started building Ludus two years ago, we decided to leave everything open enough to discover what kind of audience we could attract with what we built. Even though this strategy allowed us to learn a lot about the usage of the product, it confused a lot of people because we never had a clear positioning and nobody ever knew if Ludus was really tailored for them. Also, to support that strategy of keeping things as open as possible, we decided that our free version would have almost everything needed for a “normal” usage, so there was never strong…

This quarter, our release’s codename is “Chameleon” because changing the skin of your presentations is now super easy, thanks to our brand new templates.

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Our recaps will now happen every quarter, instead of every month (as before). We now are less in a rush to release new features very fast and very often, as we want to put more efforts into consolidating the existing. New features will still be released on a regular basis of course, just more sporadically.

So, what happened during the past three months?


This was the big announcement of this end of the year. Templates are finally here! Read all the details about it in this article.

15 reasons to upgrade and step up your presentation game.

Ludus is based on a freemium model and we’re often asked what’s the added value brought by the Pro plan. All of this is already briefly mentioned on our pricing page, but as it’s clearly not enough to understand all the ins and outs, we thought this topic deserved an article on its own.

What’s already there?

Unlimited presentations

Let’s start with the basics. As soon as you upgrade to a Pro plan, you’re not limited to 20 presentations anymore, you can have as many as you want.

More storage

You’ll also get more storage, from 2GB overall to 10GB per user, but we can already announce…

Ludus just entered a new era.

Templates were definitely ranked #1 in our most-requested features, far ahead of #2. Yet, it took a while to appear, and it was never our desire to rush this important feature, because we really wanted to make it right. After a few weeks in beta testing with some of our power users, we’re proud to finally make templates generally available, and we hope you’ll enjoy them!

Using templates

So how do templates work within Ludus? Let’s start to see how you can use existing templates.

From now on, when you create a new presentation from the dashboard, you can choose to start…

This month, our release’s codename is “Parrot” because we released a few features that will make speakers’ lives easier.

Speaker View

Ludus has now that key feature that was missing for public (and private) speakers. It has everything you can expect from that kind of features, but here’s an exhaustive list of what you’ll get: two-way communication, notes, navigation bar, current and next slide, slides overview and time manager. Read this article if you want to learn more about this.

Vincent Battaglia

Belgium-based product and tech-oriented entrepreneur. I develop companies and code. CTO of Ludus https://ludus.one

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