Vincoin.Cash Vs EOS Comparison

The blockchain is going mainstream and the unprecedented rice of interest in cryptocurrencies has captured the attention to the industry.

As the digital gold rush widespread over the world, investing into crypto becomes a particular interesting prospect and arises passion in the society.

At the moment the marketplace is replete with the new projects and numerous investment offers to choose from, which complicates taking an investment decision.

Today we represent the comparison between. the new coin Vincoin.Cash and popular EOS to show the main differences between them.

One of the main difference is obviously their purpose.

Vincoin.Cash is a cryptocurrency using CryptoNight algorithm. It pulls its life source from the mining process, allowing to mine using any CPU and GPU.

EOS represents itself as the blockchain platform that is offering the developers to build their decentralized applications. EOS coins are the currency that EOS platform demand to have to allow the using of the platform.

Vincoin.Cash is using Proof of Work (PoWs) consensus algorithm. It is used in the crypto system to verify the operations and create the new chains within the blockchain. That allows miners to get up to 500 Vincoin.Cash coins a day.

EOS consensus is based on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model. Instead of mining the platform relies on delegates to confirm new blocks. That makes mining impossible to get EOS, so you can only buy it. It’s current price is about 6$.

EOS has approximately 900 million tokens in circulation comparing to the 8,6 millions of total amount of Vincoin.Cash

One of the main properties of token is an investment advantage. The comparison of EOS and Vincoin.Cash in this matter is very obvious. The market capitalization of EOS token has already reached $5 billion. In order to double the investments, the additional injection of $5 billion is required with the cost of one EOS coin at $ 6.60.

Vincoin.Cash, taking into account that its current price is 1$, requires $5 million to redouble its value, which is not a significant amount, considering the capitalization growth trend.

EOS already has a strong position on the market, as it has reached a peak of popularity. The trend of creating new coins significantly reduces the chances of leaders in increasing their capitalization, as many investors prefer to form a portfolio with different altcoyins than to wait for the growth of one stable popular coin. This approach involves risks comparable to the chance to double the profit. Vincoin.Cash is a new coin that is at the beginning of the path of its development. Even at this stage the coin is popular, which proves the rapid growth of its capitalization. Investing at an early stage in Vincoin.Cash you can confidently predict a high yield and a rapid growth in the value of the coin.