Feedback, likes, reactions

Gathering feedback, why is it important? What are the best ways to easily get feedback for your website? What if you want to spend the least possible amount of time getting this feedback?

Why should I get feedback for my website?

Feedback or reviews generate change and gives a sense of purpose. Feedback creates motivation to do better…

Custom WordPress theme handbook

It sometimes is a hard choice to make. Choosing between building a custom WordPress theme or getting one from the WordPress theme markets. We think you should build a custom WordPress theme because it’s your best option. Continue reading if you want to know why.

Downsides of bought WordPress themes

Most people already know the…

In this article you will read information about WordPress plugins from various angles. Whether you are a developer or a consumer, this blog post contains useful information about WordPress plugins for you.

WordPress plugin consumer tips

Everybody working on a WordPress website has come across a situation where you wanted to add a slideshow…

Whether you are already fully operational in the web development sector or you are still following a study, you will always need to learn (new) code languages. Because the world of development is constantly evolving at a huge pace you will need to evolve with it.

Thankfully there are many…

When writing code, using comments is of great importance. Whether you work alone or in a team, comments matter. Not properly documenting your code will make you or your colleagues waste more time-solving issues, or finding a way in source files.

The Where

Three key places to add your comments are:

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