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Is Vindale Surveys A Scam? (No Fluff Review)

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Making money is really hard especially when you had sweat all your efforts out and still don’t get the right amount for the work you did. But the latter is opposite when you make money as easy as drinking water.

Have you heard about making money online? If not, then there are many opportunities for you. One of the easiest ways to make money online is through online surveys.

These surveys are often called, “Paid Surveys” where you will get paid by sharing your thoughts and carrying out simple surveys. Sometimes, there are good-paying sites but there are also illegitimate sites which outnumber the legit ones and refuses to pay you for your hard work.

Therefore, you need to be careful considering survey sites in order to save time and prevent scammers.

Is Vindale Research legit?

Probably, it is the interesting question which brought you here, but before answering that I believe, I should offer you an alternative if your primary objective is making money.

Go check out this program — see income proof here, if you want to earn part-time or even full-time income working at home.

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Now answering the question above, Vindale Research is a legit site where many people have been greatly paid.

Bigger issues about getting paid by small amounts for the time and effort you spend completing the surveys are of great concern.

Not only with Vindale Research but also, online survey companies, in general, encounter these problems.

Companies provide pre-qualifying questions, which can take between 20–30 minutes, to be answered by applicants before they can intelligibly start a survey.

Though companies provide those to ensure quality demographics, it still offers people little to no comfort filling out and left dejected for not qualifying afterward.

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a New York-based company and one of the oldest survey companies existing. To get paid, you will give some product reviews and take online surveys.

Easy-peasy, right? However, it takes a lot of time and you’ll get paid not as good as it should be.

Earning money from surveys depends on their scope and nature. When surveys require specialized knowledge, (i.e. medical surveys) these surveys are paid better than any surveys completed by anyone. Hence, there are surveys which are paid more than the others.

Making Money with Vindale Research

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Here are several ways that can be used to earn money from this survey site:

1. Cash Contests

Vindale Research conducts cash contests almost every week. Once you become a member of the site, these contests should be on your post. From these contests, you can earn up to $15.

2. Deals

Members of certain locations are entitled to exclusive discounts and coupons.

3. Evaluations

You will give an honest opinion about the given product or service, that is on offer for a certain period of time, at the end of the trial period.

4. Referrals

By referring other people to the site, you will earn $5 for each person being referred.

5. Reward Mail

Through opening and interacting with advertisements sent to your e-mail, you will get $0.10 for each reward mail advertisement you open and interact with.

6. Submitting a Payment Photo

By sending your photo and a photo of your payment, you will earn $5.

7. Taking surveys

Take surveys by answering completely the short-answer questionnaires and earn $1 to $5. Carrying out these surveys doesn’t require a credit card.

8. Vindale Videos

Enjoy watching videos than taking surveys. These videos are mostly short and you can earn $0.25 for watching online videos.

What I liked

· This is a well laid out site.

· This is a social media friendly site. It has a blog, Facebook page, and Twitter which provides information about surveys, offers, and free samples.

· It provides unique opportunities to earn (e.g., clicking advertisements, taking surveys, etc).

· It provides daily consumer study. You can do this as many times as you want. Once you complete a study, you will receive a payment.

· It allows posting of referral links anywhere. It also offers payments to a member for every friend referral.

· It’s one of the cash-paying sites that gives a detailed account of all your payments.

· It also offers payment via Paypal which makes it easier for people to transfer and receive money anywhere in the world.

Here’s what I Really did not Like

· All promo codes can be used just in the United States.

· Minimum cash out restriction is $50.

· The firm typically sends study invitation links that route you to other study companies

Reviews Around The Internet

Lots of people from around the web are not happy that the company makes them pay out high month-to-month charges. For example, members might be asked to sign up with a site that needs you to pay $30 as well as be paid $40 in the end. The company will claim that it has paid you $40, when in an actual feeling you have actually earned just $10. But then again $10 is better than nothing right?

Last Judgment: Should You Join This Site?

It’s a legit survey company and should be used to supplement your main source of income. Are you thinking of buying a new car? If yes, could you use an extra $500 per month? If so, join Vindale Research now and start earning money.

Join here to begin your journey — → Vindale Online Survey

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