These years in Common Lisp: 2018


  • The editor of choice is still Emacs with Slime (or Sly),
  • However, we can get started with Emacs and Lisp in 3 clicks with Portacle, a self-contained batteries-included sbcl-included portable Emacs tailored for CL,
  • For Vim and NeoVim we have SLIMV, VLIME, and plugins can be written for NeoVim using cl-neovim.
  • Or if we want an editor written in cl, there’s the self-contained Lem editor, which also works for Python, Go, Rust, Nim, Scheme, HTML, JSX, along with a directory mode, an experimental LSP mode, calc-mode, and more,
  • Not to forget that Mac Os X users can use the Clozure Common Lisp IDE
  • All editions of LispWorks (including the free) include the LW IDE
  • For users of Eclipse IDE, there is the Dandelion plugin
  • For popular editors, the experience is getting very good on Atom and the popular Visual Studio Code can be made to work with CL using cl-lsp.
  • We have an ipython-like REPL (cl-repl),
  • and for interactive notebooks, we have Jupyter kernels and yet another notebook (Darkmatter).
Common Lisp support is getting very good on Atom, but needs a couple PRs merged.
  • the Awesome-CL list, updated with hundreds of commits, which hopefully makes for a more discoverable and appealing ecosystem, and
  • Awesome Lisp Companies: it was needed because Lispers didn’t know a lot of companies using CL appart from IRobot, Google’s ITA (powering Kayak, Orbitz and others), Grammatech, YCombinator, Siscog or other dead ones.
  • a lot being from Baggers: he does the following and he streams live nearly weekly
  • little bits of Lisp: short videos to learn Lisp basics
  • lots of bits of Lisp: long videos to dive deep in advanced subjects (macros, CFFI,…)
  • Pushing pixels with Lisp: mostly working with OpenGL
  • and more !
  • Shinmera has lots of videos too, we can see him working on game engines, games, his libraries, Qt applications and more,
  • the CL study group (here, an introduction to Screamer, a non-deterministic programming library)



New projects

An interactive Minecraft engine in Common Lisp. How cool is that ?



Package management

  • the second version of Ultralisp is available — Ultralisp is an important project that fills a gap. It is a quicklisp distribution which updates every 5 minutes. It is also a Weblocks application!
  • quicksys — installs systems from multiple Quicklisp distributions.


Supervize your Common Lisp app like a pro




Other screencasts


Learning Lisp

Common Lisp VS …




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Vince Zd

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