Janhit me Jaari ( On Travel)

Namaste all,

Its time since I wrote my last blog. Well I have traveled to UK on 1st August, so was full with packing and shopping. I must tell that am trying hard to follow Ayurveda here and analysing the difference in lifestyle and culture. I know I will definitely do it well once I get a place here and definitely going to write something after settling . It’s Independence day and Janmashtmi together and I was craving to see India’s flag. Finally I made one on my desk using pens and markers (grin). Meanwhile presenting a small poem, I hope you all will enjoy it; written by my Father figure (aka God father) to make me smile and I have added last 4 lines(that was a challenge :D ).

The plants, the pigeons, the people shall all miss you
And you might miss them too
The best thing for them you may easily do
Simply chirp, chatter, giggle and mew
Earth mother is magnanimous here
Her lap you would also find there
It is She who takes all care
Of everyone and everywhere
You are at a distant land,
Hard to blend in western trend,
Every moment remember your motherland,
it’s her love, your people and their faith which makes you stand.
Vande Matram

Till my next blog,



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