Longer video: Introducing #beyondtheVine

3 min readJun 21, 2016


Creators! You tell us you love the six seconds, that short form is the ethos of Vine. (Our hearts agree!) You say the constraint breeds creativity and helps you develop sharper editing and timing — or, in your words, teaches you to pour an ocean into a cup :)

Many of you also say that you’ve mastered six seconds and want a broader canvas. You want to stretch creatively as artists and creators. And your fans want this too. That’s what today’s announcement is about. We are moving #beyondtheVine and introducing an experiment with longer video.

Creators Featured Above: Simply Sylvio, Anne Horel, and Carol Cleveland Sings

Those of you who have expanded into longer storytelling tell us you’d love to reach your fans where you started without having to direct them elsewhere (unless you want to, of course!). We recognize that Vine is part of an ecosystem for digital creators today, and we support you in all of your goals for creative expression.

We’re staying true to who we are. Vines are a format to squeeze the most funny, beautiful, breathtaking moments into. Defying traditional narrative with their format, they’re a lot like trailers. And like a great trailer, they make you want to watch the movie.

With this beta release, a Vine can now be a trailer that points directly to a mini-movie.

How it works

In the app, you’ll start to see Vines with a “Watch more” button in the lower right corner — tap or click that to view the attached video.

Videos will be up to 140 seconds in length, just like the videos shared on Twitter (You may see some that are longer — up to 10 minutes, which is an option we make available for some partners!) The canvas for movies is not only longer, it’s fullscreen. Shoot vertical or horizontal, and rotate your phone to watch in widescreen. Show your love for the best parts of the movie by double tapping to make hearts fly.

You’ll continue to see Vines, those short looping trailers we all know and love. It’s just that now some Vines might have a longer video too. If you’re not yet seeing the “Watch more” option, hang tight! (We’re rolling the changes out to everyone as fast as we can, but computers like to be methodical. Those are the rules!)

Creating videos

Video creation is currently in beta. Most everything we do is an experiment, and we rely on the community (you!) to help us listen and learn. We’ve already been working with a group of creators to solicit feedback every step of the way, and today we will begin to slowly open up to more. If you’re a creator or publisher who would like to be part of the #beyondtheVine beta, add your email address here so we can give you access!

And more

As we experiment with longer video, we are also exploring monetization opportunities for creators. We recognize how important this is for creators, and we want to fuel their creativity. As an example of this, we’re also announcing that with Twitter’s Amplify Open program, we have a path to empowering creators with future monetization options. Of course, we also work closely with Niche, which any creator can sign up for, and we’d love to hear your ideas too!

Today’s update comes straight from the heart of our community. This is your feedback in action, and we will continue to build on this. We can’t wait to see what you make and hear what you think.

– Team Vine

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Vines were short, looping videos that inspired and entertained. In Jan 2017, the Vine app transitioned to the Vine Camera app.