Longer videos: Now available for everyone to watch! #beyondtheVine

Click and open this Vine to watch the full video that Simply Sylvio and Anne Horel made for Carol Cleveland Sings

Earlier this week, we kicked off an experiment with longer video. You can see how it works by opening this Vine.

We’ve loved seeing your responses and feedback.

We mentioned we’d be rolling out everyone’s ability to watch longer videos, and let you know when we got to 100%. It’s here! 🎉 Now everyone can watch longer videos within the app and on the web.

Remember: Vines are still here. Those six-second looping posts are so vital to our product, and you’ll continue to see them in your app and on Twitter just as you always have. You’ll still be able to create them too! What’s new is that some Vines will have a longer video attached to them, like the ones included below and in the “Beyond The Vine” channel in Explore. You’ll want to tap the link on the Vine to watch the entire video in fullscreen — trust us.

Click through to watch Aaron Chewning and Danny Gonzalez in “2 DJs”
Click through to watch Aaron Chase in Go Pro x Ford: Chase Me
Click through to watch Yell Design make a Paper Meal in the new animated series

Oh, and if you’re interested in making your own longer videos, drop your email address here. We’ll be bringing these new creation toys to more people over time.


-Team Vine

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