We’ve heard of introverts and extroverts. Now, what’s this ambivert? Is it some kind of an algorithm that helps us in identifying people better? Is it some kind of a metric that suggests and confirms a person’s type?

What is it?

Ambivert is nothing but this rare hybrid of both introvert and extrovert.

As rare as the breed, so are the people. Ambivert is the perfect conglomeration of two identical — yet poles apart personalities. As I’ve always been inclined to studying people, I find this extremely interesting.

I’m intrigued to write this post, only to help out those lost souls who don’t seem to fit in either of the categories — Introvert and Extrovert.

What’s is it about ambiverts that makes them different from introverts and extroverts, even when they’re a conglomeration of them? What’s so special about them that makes up this post? Is there anything special at all?

Here are a few eccentricities that I’ve personally witnessed in ambiverts :

  1. Ambiverts make exceptionally good pals. As they are this perfect blend of both introvert and extrovert, they comprehend either of the personalities with impeccable efficiency. They understand that it’s perfectly normal to not interact incessantly. They also understand that it’s perfectly normal to enjoy the attention and interact often. I’d like to emphasise on this understanding part. We’re most likely to befriend people who share our mindset, who share our inhibitions and most importantly, people who appreciate us and do not try to alter us to their own accordance. This is where an ambivert scores the brownie points. As an ambivert understands the intricacies and inhibitions of either of the personalities, they never fail to be encouraging and supporting; this makes them great pals at any point. If you end up bumping into an ambivert, do not let them go. I repeat, do not let them go.
  2. Ambiverts effortlessly shed light on the other side of the coin. We often fail to understand people who are completely different from us. The sick part is that we often blame ourselves at our inability for contemplating it or get blamed. We’re probably blamed because we come across as these lazy enthusiasts, who apparently take no interest in trying to comprehend their plight. That’s just not fair. It’s not always that we don’t put effort in learning about others, it’s just that we don’t know how to. Here again, it’s the ambivert who comes to the rescue. Since ambiverts have a fairly good foundation on either of the sides, they make excellent teachers — Teachers who effortlessly shed light on the other side of the coin. Teachers who sympathise with either of the parties; teachers who do not hesitate from enlightening about the other side’s plight.
  3. Ambiverts make excellent debaters. The ideal trait of any debater, is to effortlessly defend either sides. This is profound in ambiverts; at least in most of them. As they’re outspoken, substantially; and do not inhibit any qualms about letting their opinion out — no matter how scandalous it might sound, they do it. This makes them excellent debaters.

Do not feel disappointed, if you don’t conform to introversion or extraversion. Maybe, it’s because you’re too rad to be categorised as them, and are actually apt for ambiversion.

Would love to hear genuine feedback from each one of you. I’m open to criticism as well.

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