Celebrate The King

When Jesus was entering Jerusalem after a long time, the people of Jerusalem celebrated His coming like a king. They praised Him. They took their clothes and put it in His way. Just imagine how great, glorious and majestic celebration it would have been. People chanting and singing “Hosanna” with so much joy that they couldn’t contain it. They were so joyful in honoring the Lord Jesus Christ that they spread their clothes on the road. Everyone was celebrating the King. But every celebration needs a cause. Without a cause or reason there would be nothing to celebrate or be joyful about. So, why was everyone celebrating? When we look at the crowd present there, we can divide them into 3 categories:

  1. People
  2. Disciples
  3. Jesus

Let’s see why were all of them celebrating.

People: Jesus is our new King

When we look at the people of Jerusalem, they have been under the Roman Empire for a long time. They were desperate for a ‘Kingdom Shift’. So, they took Jesus as a king who’d overthrew the Roman Empire and be their new king (John 12:13). Secondly, there were people who were with Jesus when He raised Lazarus from the dead. They believed that this Jesus is a Man of God and does miracles to heal people. Therefore, the people were joyful because they thought they will be freed from the Roman Empire or their diseases and pain.

Disciples: Didn’t have any clue

Now, the 12 disciples had been with Him for a long time. They should’ve known Jesus the best and should’ve known what He was upto. But this was not so. The disciples were just following Jesus not knowing what was His plan (John 12:16). Time and now, Jesus did tell them about His Great Plan, but they didn’t understand. They had accepted Jesus as Christ, the Son of God, at the back of their heads, but their celebration was without any cause or reason. They were celebrating Jesus because everyone around them was doing it.

Jesus: Joyful for the Victory

Before we see the reason for Jesus' celebration, let’s look towards some facts. Jesus was coming to Jerusalem after a while. The reason being, there was an uproar against Jesus among the higher authorities (Pharisees) in Jerusalem. The Pharisees sought to kill Him. He avoided coming to Jerusalem or Judea for sometime but decided to come when it was time. So, what was this reason that brought Jesus to Jerusalem, knowing that Pharisees sought to kill Him? The reason was this: The time had come when He’d take the sins of all Humanity on His shoulders and die for each and everyone of us and be victorious over death and sin. He was celebrating the joy of the victory He’s going to have when He defeats sin on the cross.

We saw three different kinds of people celebrating the triumphal entry of Jesus. But everyone had different reasons for their celebration. What is your reason of celebration? Are you like the people who altogether missed the main motive or purpose of celebration? Are you like the disciples who were celebrating only because everyone around them were celebrating? Or are you like Jesus who knew the main motive and purpose of the celebration of His triumphal entry?

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