Vineet Lall is the successful entrepreneur, at the age of 7 he started his journey, and in the 14 age he gets success through by all his work hard and sacrifices

owns world #1 Business Training platform

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Chief executive officer & Founder of 401


Leading the world #1 Business Training Platform as a Chief executive officer & Founder of 401 (Owner) and he also has another Personal Brand which Called “VL” and Vineet Lall and also has Another company “SkyBirt”


401, World #1 Business Training Platform VL researched of 9 years ahead to bring 401 in the front of this world, in this 9 years what “VL” Do struggles and sacrifices and what mistakes he did, and learned from his failures, he will teach on that “401” Platform which leads now #1 Business Training Platform, its new Revolution in this “2020” Year,

Its the First Business Training Platform, provides customer A to Z things build your Business Learn more

Vineet Lall “VL”

It’s Personal Brand where you can Get all updates here, you can buy Vineet Lall official products like books, Programs, etc….

and if you want more and needs sales, wants to improve or build your business so you can also contact “VL’ booking management, there is a various platform where you can book him or get personal mentoring and one & one session, but for your satisfaction, you can contact his official management here

Sky Birt

Skybirt is a retail service website where any drop-shipper can go and import products to their Shopify store and sell at higher prices (Sky birt is built for drop-shippers especially) coming soon


Vineet Lall started his journey for love, not a money and fame if you didn’t see Vineet lall biography book which is coming now checkout here Vineet Lall mission is all about to help other peoples and he will give 100%, he is not like other entrepreneurs who charge high and they promise you will get result, but you are not getting anything in the name of promise, but if you never check the Vineet Lall personality and many things which prove right so checkout his all updates and social media first, so then you know that why VL is different from others…

He started his journey at the age of 7!

From 2012–2017

he started his journey at the age of 7, by playing videos games and then “VL” Get Bored to play games, he wants to create his own game so at the age of 7 he didn’t know anything about coding, but he has scientist type of personality, opening and exploring things, so he explores the package file into his father sister phone, and when he checkout all those coding stuff and types of languages which was done to create an app Learning to code and……. suddenly Want to see whats happen next?

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Mission>401 Feelings

Vineet Lall wants to help poor peoples also, he knows that everyone can’t afford 401 and him, so Vineet Lall decided in his struggle time that when he will be successful so he will surely help to peoples, so soon he will also launch 401 feelings so those peoples who’re want to make impact on their life.

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C.E.O Of 401, World#1 Business Training Platform

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